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Autor: Jan van Kuppevelt
ISBN-13: 9781402039348
Einband: Book
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Format: 239x161x25 mm
Sprache: Englisch

Advances in Natural Multimodal Dialogue Systems

30, Text, Speech and Language Technology
Academic/professional/technical: Research and professional
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Brings together a great many contributions regarding aspects of natural and multimodal interaction written by many of the important actors in the field
Preface Natural and Multimodal Interactivity Engineering - Directions and Needs / NIELS OLE BERNSEN and LAILA DYBKJÆR Part I Making Dialogues More Natural: Empirical Work and Applied Theory Social Dialogue with Embodied Conversational Agents / TIMOTHY BICKMORE and JUSTINE CASSELL A First Experiment in Engagement for Human-Robot Interaction in Hosting Activities / CANDACE L. SIDNER and MYROSLAVA DZIKOVSKA Part II Annotation and Analysis of Multimodal Data: Speech and Gesture FORM / CRAIG H. MARTELL On the Relationships among Speech, Gestures, and Object Manipulation in Virtual Environments: Initial Evidence / ANDREA CORRADINI and PHILIP R. COHEN Analysing Multimodal Communication / PATRICK G. T. HEALEY, MARCUS COLMAN and MIKE THIRLWELL Do Oral Messages Help Visual Search? / NOËLLE CARBONELL amd SUZANNE KIEFFER Geometric and Statistical Approaches to Audiovisual Segmentation / TREVOR DARRELL, JOHN W. FISHER III, KEVIN W. WILSON, and MICHAEL R. SIRACUSA Part III Animated Talking Heads and Evaluation The Psychology and Technology of Talking Heads: Applications in Language Learning / DOMINIC W. MASSARO Effective Interaction with Talking Animated Agents in Dialogue Systems / BJÖRN GRANSTRÖM and DAVID HOUSE Controlling the Gaze of Conversational Agents / DIRK HEYLEN, IVO VAN ES, ANTON NIJHOLT and BETSY VAN DIJK Part IV Architectures and Technologies for Advanced and Adaptive Multimodal Dialogue Systems MIND: A Context-Based Multimodal Interpretation Framework in Conversational Systems / JOYCE Y. CHAI, SHIMEI PAN and MICHELLE X. ZHOU A General Purpose Architecture for Intelligent Tutoring Systems / BRADY CLARK, OLIVER LEMON, ALEXANDER GRUENSTEIN, ELIZABETH OWEN BRATT, JOHN FRY, STANLEY PETERS,HEATHER PON-BARRY, KARL SCHULTZ, ZACK THOMSEN-GRAY and PUCKTADA TREERATPITUK MIAMM - A Multimodal Dialogue System using Haptics / NORBERT REITHINGER, DIRK FEDELER, ASHWANI KUMAR, CHRISTOPH LAUER, ELSA PECOURT and LAURENT ROMARY Adaptive Human-Computer Dialogue / SORIN DUSAN and JAMES FLANAGAN Machine Learning Approaches to Human Dialogue Modelling / YORICK WILKS, NICK WEBB, ANDREA SETZER, MARK HEPPLE and ROBERTA CATIZONE Index
The main topic of this volume is natural multimodal interaction. The book is unique in that it brings together a great many contributions regarding aspects of natural and multimodal interaction written by many of the important actors in the field. Topics addressed include talking heads, conversational agents, tutoring systems, multimodal communication, machine learning, architectures for multimodal dialogue systems, systems evaluation, and data annotation.

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Autor: Jan van Kuppevelt
ISBN-13 :: 9781402039348
ISBN: 1402039344
Erscheinungsjahr: 06.12.2005
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 591g
Seiten: 373
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 05000, 2005
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 239x161x25 mm, illustrations