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Non-Linear Dynamics and Fundamental Interactions

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 11-16 October 2004
Unique overlap of non-linear dynamics, chaos and fundamental interactions
Preface. Nonlinear Dynamics.Heat conduction in one dimensional systems: Fourier law, chaos, and heat control; G. Casati, Baowen Li.
Quantum graphs which sound the same; T. Shapira, U. Smilansky.
Scarred states in strongly coupled quantum systems; B. Sundaram.
Nonlinear Quantum Dynamics; S. Habib.
Signatures of quantum chaos in open chaotic billiards; A.F. Sadreev, K.F. Berggren.
From quantum graphs to quantum random walks; G.K. Tanner.
Semiclassics and propagation of coherent states for spin-orbit coupling problems; J. Bolte.
Loss of inhomogeneously driven dynamical systems: general theory, regular and chaotic properties, applications; V.N. Damgov.
Quantum chaos in floppy molecular systems: the licn molecule; F. Borondo, R.M. Benito.
Modern aspects of the three-body Coulomb problem; J. Madronero, A. Buchleitner.
Concerning regularities of particles motion in the electric and thermoelectric fields with distributed potential; V.I. Fedulov.
Theory of relativistic ideal gas for quasi and ordinary particles; M.R. Jumaev.
Finite-temperature quantum billiards; U. Salomov et al.
Chaotic dynamics of the relativistic kicked rotor; G. Milibaeva et al.
The largest Lyapunov exponents for the relativistic hydrogenlike atom in a uniform magnetic field; S. Avazbaev et al.
Fundamental Interactions. Thermal Field Theory: Algebraic Aspects and Applications to Confined Systems; A.E. Santana et al.
Thermofield Dynamics: Generalized Bogoliubov Transformations and Applications to Casimir Effect; F.C. Khanna et al.
A force from nothing onto nothing: Casimir effect between bubbles in the Fermi sea; A. Wirzba.
Quantum Chaos in QCD and hadrons; H. Markum et al.
QCD instanton vacuum effective action; M. M. Musakhanov.
New Casimir energy calculations for single cavities; H. Ahmedov, I.H. Duru.
Quantum Field Theory for Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions; Sang Pyo Kim.
The ... in the Chiral Model; K.Nasriddinov et al.
Ginzburg Landau theory of superconductivity: beyond the post Gaussian approximation; A. Rakhimov et al.
The s-wave ..d scattering length from ..d atom using effective field theory; B.F. Irgaziev, B.A. Fayzullaev.
Spectra of Quarkonia at finite-temperature; K. Butanov et al.
Chaotization of the periodically driven quarkonia; D. Otajanov et al.
Quantum Chaos at Finite Temperature; D. Matrasulov et al.
This volume contains the papers presented at the NATO Advanced Research Institute on "Non-Linear Dynamics and Fundamental Interactions" held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, from Oct.10-16,2004. The main objective of the Workshop was to bring together people working in areas of Fundamental physics relating to Quantum Field Theory, Finite Temperature Field theory and their applications to problems in particle physics, phase transitions and overlap regions with the areas of Quantum Chaos. The other important area is related to aspects of Non-Linear Dynamics which has been considered with the topic of chaology. The applications of such techniques are to mesoscopic systems, nanostructures, quantum information, particle physics and cosmology. All this forms a very rich area to review critically and then find aspects that still need careful consideration with possible new developments to find appropriate solutions. There were 29 one-hour talks and a total of seven half-hour talks, mostly by the students. In addition two round table discussions were organised to bring the important topics that still need careful consideration. One was devoted to questions and unsolved problems in Chaos, in particular Quantum Chaos. The other round table discussion considered the outstanding problems in Fundamental Interactions. There were extensive discussions during the two hours devoted to each area. Applications and development of new and diverse techniques was the real focus of these discussions. The conference was ably organised by the local committee consisting of D.U.

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Autor: Faqir Khanna
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