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Periodic, Quasi-Periodic and Chaotic Motions in Celestial Mechanics: Theory and Applications

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Selected papers from the Fourth Meeting on Celestial Mechanics, CELMEC IV San Martino al Cimino (Italy), 11-16 September 2005
The book provides the most recent advances of Celestial Mechanics, as provided by high-level scientists working in this field. It covers theoretical investigations as well as applications to concrete problems. Outstanding review papers are included in the book and they introduce the reader to leading subjects, like the variational approaches to find periodic orbits and the space debris polluting the circumterrestrial space.
Periodic Orbits and Variational Methods.- On the variational approach to the periodic n-body problem.- On families of periodic solutions of the restricted three-body problem.- Hip-hop solutions of the 2N-body problem.- Double choreographical solutions for n-body type problems.- From the circular to the spatial elliptic restricted three-body problem.- Stability of axial orbits in galactic potentials.- Perturbation Theory and Regularization.- KAM tori for N-body problems: a brief history.- Analysis of the chaotic behaviour of orbits diffusing along the Arnold web.- The scattering map in the planar restricted three body problem.- On final evolutions in the restricted planar parabolic three-body problem.- Quaternions and the perturbed Kepler problem.- Dynamics of Solar and Extrasolar Systems.- The 3:2 spin-orbit resonant motion of Mercury.- Symmetric and asymmetric librations in extrasolar planetary systems: a global view.- The influence of mutual perturbations on the eccentricity excitation by jet acceleration in extrasolar planetary systems.- Symmetric and asymmetric 3:1 resonant periodic orbits with an application to the 55Cnc extra-solar system.- Estimations of orbital parameters of exoplanets from transit photometry by using dynamical constraints.- Critical inclination in the main problem of a massive satellite.- Long-term effects of the Galactic tide on cometary dynamics.- Dependence on the observational time intervals and domain of convergence of orbital determination methods.- Space Dynamics and Applications.- Collision risk against space debris in Earth orbits.- On target for Venus — set oriented computation of energy efficient low thrust trajectories.- Weak stability boundary trajectories for the deployment of lunar spacecraft constellations.- Aero-gravity assist maneuvers: controlled dynamics modeling and optimization.- Analytical theory of a lunar artificial satellite with third body perturbations.- Precise measurement of the solar gravitational red shift.
The CELMEC IV organizing committee was composed by Alessandra Celletti (Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”), Andrea Milani (Università di Pisa), Ettore Perozzi (Telespazio, Roma) and Giovanni B. Valsecchi (Istituto Nazionale di Astro?sica—IASF, Roma). The realization of the meeting was made possible thanks to the ?nancial supports provided by the following institutions: University of Roma “Tor Vergata” and its Department of Mathematics, Gruppo Nazionale per la Fisica Matematica (GNFM), Telespazio, European Space Agency (ESA), Univ- sity of Pisa, National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), Balletti Park Hotel; a special thank to Antonio Giorgilli for his ?nancial contribution through the University of Milano Bicocca. These sponsors allowed many young people and researchers from developing countries to attend the meeting. CELMEC IV was promoted by the It- ian Society of Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics (SIMCA) and it was hosted by the Balletti Park Hotel (San Martino al Cimino, Viterbo), which provided a very handsome atmosphere. All authors were encouraged to write papers of a length that they considered suitable for the presentation of their results. The editors and the editorial board of “Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy” arranged for competent and fast refereeing so that all papers could be reviewed and, when necessary, revised before publication. Alessandra Celletti and Sylvio Ferraz-Mello Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy (2006) 95:3–25 DOI 10. 1007/s10569-006-9025-x REVIEW ARTICLE On the variational approach to the periodic n-body problem S.

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