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Temporality in Life As Seen Through Literature

86, Analecta Husserliana
Contributions to Phenomenology of Life
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With a wealth of papers in its pages, this book examines that fundamental of human philosophy, the relationship between human beings and time. Having the human subject – the creator – at its center, literature is essentially engaged in temporality whether that of the mind or of the world of life through the creative process of writing, stage directing, or the reader’s and viewer’s reception. This text examines, among others, the work of Proust and Kafka.
The Theme / Literature and Temporality
Editor’s Introduction: A.-T. Tymieniecka / Timing Our Life
A. Ashvo-Munoz / A Temporal Chora
A. Omrani / Literature and the Sense of the Past
R. Gray / 'A Moment in Timelessness': Ben Okri’s Astonishing the Gods
T.E. Afejuku / A Mode of Recollection in African Autobiography
M.-Q. Ma / 'In an Instant of Time': The Imagist Perception and the Phenomenology of the 'Upsurge' of the Present in Exra Pound’s Cantos
W.S. Smith / Ascent Patters in the Early Poetry of Tennyson
J.S. Smith / Ontology and Epistemology of Time in the Stage Play: Revisiting Roman Ingarden’s The Literary Work of Art and The Cognition of the Literary Work of Art
V. Kocay / Temporal Sequence and Permanence in Neiges by Saint-John Perse
I. Okhamafe / Non-Teleological Temporality in Philosophy and Literature: Camus, Achebe, Emerson, Ellison, Hurston, and Nietzsche
P. Mroz / The Conflicting World-Views of the Traditional and the Modernist Novel
T. Despotovic / Towards the Infinite Memory
M. Dion / Between the Dialectics of Time-Memory and the Dialectics of Duration-Moment: Marcel Roust and Virginia Woolf in Dialogue
R.M. Painter / Temporal Rearrangement of the Moral Cosmos: Alice Munro’s Fiction
V.G. Rivas / On the Distinction of Tragedy and Bathos through the Perusal of Henfry James’ The Beast in the Jungle
W. O’Brien / Telling Time: Literature, Temporality and Trauma
J. Kim-Reuter / Transcendence Unbound: Existence and Temporality in Montaigne’s Essays
A. Zacharz / Translation Lost, Translation Regained - On Temporality, or on Being
L. Kimmel / Notes on Poetics of Time
J. Handerek / Camus, Time and Literature
M. Durante / The 'Deepening of the Present' Throughout Representation as the Temporal Condition of a Creative Process
V. Reed and M. Statkiewicz / 'My Dear Time’s Waste': TheExperience of Time and Creation in Proust
D. Doyle / Indexicalities of Image Text and Time
J. Collins / Achieving a Human Time: What We Can Learn from Faulkner’s Benjy
L. Livesay / Kafka’s The Metamorphosis: Gregor’s Da-Sein Paralyzed by Debt
R.J. Wilson III / Time in Post-Modern Fiction: Time’s Arrow, the French Lieutenant’s Woman, and 'The Alexandria Quartet'
Temporality pervades all the dynamic joint of existence, and the human being as such. As human beings unfold through ontopoiesis, each move of which punctuates the temporality of life, they, whose life experience, deliberation, planning, reflection and dreaming are permeated by temporal motivations and concerns, feel that they are engaged in the spinning of a common thread. Attributing to that involvement universal laws, constant existential validity and power, they absolutise/hypostasise its rule as a cosmic/human factor: “time”.Yet today technologies are transforming the temporality of our existence by accelerating, intensifying, expanding our partaking in the world of life. Human communal and social involvement is being challenged in its personal significance to the core of our being.
What happens to “time”?
A basic reinvestigation of the nature of temporality is called for.
Human creative endeavor – especially literature – may initiate it. Having the human subject – the creator – at its center, literature is essentially engaged in temporality whether that of the mind or of the world of life through the creative process of writing, stage directing, or the reader’s and viewer’s reception.
Out of the cross-motivations that the creative mind filters in its temporal synthesis in touch with all the perspectives of existence, there surges the deepest significance of life in humanity and culture. But, first of all, life comes to light as timing itself in its logos.(Tymieniecka)
Papers by:A-T. Tymieniecka, A. Ashvo-Munoz, A. Omrani, R. Gray, T.E. Afejuku, M.-Q. Ma, W.S. Smith, J.S. Smith, V. Kocay, I. Okhamafe, P. Mroz, T. Despotovic, M. Dion, R.M. Painter, V.G. Rivas, W. O’Brien, J. Kim-Reuter, A. Zacharz, L. Kimmel, J. Handerek, M. Durante, V. Reed, M. Statkiewicz, D. Doyle, J. Collins, L. Livesay, R.J. Wilson III.

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Autor: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
ISBN-13 :: 9781402053313
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