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The Seventh International Conference on Vibration Problems ICOVP 2005

111, Springer Proceedings in Physics
05-09 September 2005, Istanbul, Turkey
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This volume presents the Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Vibration Problems, held in Istanbul, Turkey, September 5-9, 2005. The main objective being to stimulate a broad interdisciplinary research. The topics covered in the book vary from the effect of ground motion on the stochastic response of suspension bridges to coupling effects between different vibrations in rotor-blade systems.
The following broad fields have been chosen by the International Scientific Committeeto be of special importance for the ICOVP-2005:TOPIC 1. Mathematical models of vibration problems in continuum mechanicsTOPIC 2. Vibration problems in non-classical continuum models and wave mechanicsTOPIC 3. Vibrations due to solid / liquid phase interactionTOPIC 4. Vibration problems in structural dynamics, damage mechanics and composite materialsTOPIC 5. Analysis of the linear / non-linear and deterministic / stochastic vibrations phenomenaTOPIC 6. Vibrations of transport systemsTOPIC 7. Computational methods in vibration problems and wave mechanicsTOPIC 8. Vibration problems in earthquake engineeringTOPIC 9. Vibration of granular materialsTOPIC 10. Active vibration control and vibration control in space structureTOPIC 11. Vibration problems associated with nuclear power reactors
Other topics concerned with vibration problems, in general, were open as well, but it was understood that the bulk of presentations were within the above fields. All of the lecturers were carefully "nominated" by the International Scientific Committee, so as to illustrate the newest trends, ideas and the results. Altogether there were 81 active participants from 11 different countries, who presented 13 "general lectures (GL)" 1 Special Talk, and 59 "research communications (RC)", of which 49 were oral presentations and 10 were posters.
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The Seventh International Conference on Vibration Problems (ICOVP-2005) took ? place in S ¸ile Campus of Is ¸?k University, Istanbul, Turkey, between the dates 5- 9 September 2005. First ICOVP was held during October 27-30, 1990 at A. C. College, Jalpaiguri under the co-Chairmanship of two scientists, namely, Prof- sor M. M. Banerjee from the host Institution and Professor P. Biswas from the sister organization, A. C. College of Commerce, in the name of “International Conference on Vibration Problems of Mathematics and Physics”. The title of the Conference was changed to the present one during the third conference. The Conferences of these series are: 1. ICOVP-1990, 20-23 October-1990, A. C. College, Jalpaiguri- India 2. ICOVP-1993, 4-7 November 1993, A. C. College, Jalpaiguri- India 3. ICOVP-1996, 27-29 November 1996, University of North Bengal, India 4. ICOVP-1999, 27-30 November 1999, Jadavpur University, West Bangal, India 5. ICOVP-2001, 8-10 October 2001, (IMASH), Moscow, Russia 6. ICOVP-2003, 8-12 September 2003, Tech. Univ. of Liberec, Czech Republic ? 7. ICOVP-2005, 5-9 September 2005, Is ¸?k University, S ¸ile, Istanbul, Turkey The General Lecturers of ICOVP-2005 have been personally invited by the Int- national Scienti?c Committee, which this time comprised the following members: ¨ ? Nuri AKKAS ¸ (Turkey), Yalc?n ¸ AKOZ (Turkey), Orhan AKSOGAN (Turkey), Fikret BALTA (Turkey), M. M. BANERJEE (India), Victor BIRMAN (USA), ? Paritosh BISWAS (India), Bikas K.

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