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Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Value Health and Health Care

11, The Economics of Non-Market Goods and Resources
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This work takes a fresh and contemporary look at the growing interest in the development and application of discrete choice experiments (DCEs) within the field of health economics. The book comprises chapters by highly regarded academics with experience of applying DCEs in the area of health. Thus the book is relevant to post-graduate students and applied researchers with an interest in the use of DCEs for valuing health and health care and has international appeal.
List of contributors. Preface. Introduction; K. Gerard, M. Ryan, and M. Amaya-Amaya. Part 1: DCEs – what are they and their application in health: a users guide. 1. Discrete choice experiments in a nutshell; M. Amaya-Amaya, K Gerard and M Ryan. 2. Designing discrete choice experiments for health care; D.J. Street, L. Burgess, R. Viney and J. Louviere. 3. Practical issues in conducting a discrete choice experiment; M. Ryan, V. Watson and K. Gerard. Part 2: Case Studies in Valuing Health and Health Care. 4. Using discrete choice experiments to go beyond clinical outcomes when evaluating clinical practice; M. Ryan, D. Skåtun and K. Major. 5. Using discrete choice modelling to investigate breast screening participation; K. Gerard, M. Shanahan and J. Louviere. 6. Preferences for health care programmes: Results from a general population discrete choice survey; S. Bryan and T. Roberts. 7. Examining the preferences of health care providers: An application to hospital consultants; A. Scott, C. Ubach, F. French and G. Needham. Part 3 Methodological issues. 8. The price proxy in discrete choice experiments: Issues of relevance for future research; D. Gyrd-Hansen and U. Slothuus Skjoldborg. 9. ‘Irrational’ stated preference: a quantitative and qualitative investigation; F. San Miguel, M. Ryan and M. Amaya-Amaya. 10. Using stated preference and revealed preference data fusion modeling in health care; T. Mark and J. Swait. PART 4: CONCLUSIONS. 11. Concluding thoughts; M. Ryan, M. Amaya-Amaya and K. Gerard. Index.
USING DISCRETE CHOICE EXPERIMENTS TO VALUE HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the development and application of discrete choice experiments (DCEs) within health economics. The use of this re- tively new instrument to value health and health care has now evolved to the point where a general text for practising professionals seems appropriate. The few existing books in this area are either research monographs or focus almost entirely on more advanced t- ics. By contrast, this book serves as a general reference for those applying the technique to health care for the first time as well as for more experienced practitioners. Thus, the book is relevant to postgraduate students and applied researchers who have an interest in the use of DCEs for valuing health and health care. Contributions are made by a number of leading experts in the field, enabling the book to contain a uniquely rich mix of research applications and methodological developments. Part 1 summarises how DCEs can be implemented, from experimental design to data analysis and the interpretation of results. In many ways, this can be regarded as a crash course on the conduct of DCEs. Extensive reference is made throughout to other sources of literature where the interested reader can find further details. Part 2 presents a series of case studies, illustrating the breadth of applications in health e- nomics.

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Autor: Mandy Ryan
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