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Autor: Kwok-Ying Lau
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Husserl's Logical Investigations in the New Century

55, Contributions To Phenomenology
Western and Chinese Perspectives
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The first volume combining both Western and Chinese perspectives on the heritage of Husserl's Logical Investigations
Preface.1. History and Substance of Husserl's Logical Investigations, Kah Kyung CHO.
2. Youding SHEN: The First Phenomenologist in China, JIN Xiping.
3. Husserl's Attack on Psychologism and its Cultural Implications, David CARR.
4. Between Saying and Showing: Reflections on Husserl's Theory of Occasional Expressions, Bernhard WALDENFELS.
5. Pure Logical Grammar: Identity Admist Linguistic Differences, John J. DRUMMOND.
6. The Problem of the Phenomenology of Feeling in Husserl and Scheler, NI Liangkang.
7. Intentionality and Religiosity: Religion from a Phenomenological Viewpoint, KWAN Tze-wan.
8. Desiring to Know through Intuition, Rudolf BERNET.
9. Authentic Thinking and Phenomenological Method, Steven Galt CROWELL.
10. The Problem of Being in Logical Investigations, DING Yun. 11. Foucault and Husserl's Logical Investigations: the unsuspected French connection, LAU Kwok-ying.
Notes on Contributors.
Index of Names.
In this volume, phenomenologists from the West join hands with specialists from mainland China and Hong Kong to discuss the heritage of Husserl's Logical Investigations. Readers will learn of the early reception of Husserl's Logical Investigations in China and understand how Husserl's doctrine of intentionality of consciousness has paved the way to a novel phenomenological explication of religious experience.

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Autor: Kwok-Ying Lau
ISBN-13 :: 9781402057571
ISBN: 1402057571
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.06.2007
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 449g
Seiten: 175
Sprache: Englisch
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