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Learning and Teaching for the Twenty-First Century

Festschrift for Professor Phillip Hughes
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This book stresses learning and teaching over teaching and learning. The contributors contend that education should not focus primarily on teachers and teaching, but on learners: how best to facilitate learning, in the most effective, enjoyable, relevant and cost-effective ways for learners at any age. The book brings together thoughts and insights by international leaders in the fields of teaching and learning. It seeks to build bridges between researchers, policy makers and practitioners.
Learning And Teaching: The Personal Dimensions.- From Centralized Imperialism to Dispersed Management: The Contribution of Phillip Hughes to the Development of Educational Administration in Australia.- The Power of Narrative to Enhance Quality in Teaching, Learning, and Research.- A Pedagogy for International Education.- Learning to be Tolerant: Lessons from Research.- To be a Teacher.- The Outer and the Inner Forms of Teaching in the Twenty-First Century.- New Directions for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.- Learning And Teaching: Interactions With Education Reform.- Achieving Large-Scale Reform.- Educational Development in the Twenty-First Century: Refl ections on the Integration of Research, Policy, and Practice.- The Impossible Choice: Access, Quality, and Equity - The Case of Secondary Education Expansion.- Reform and Convergence in School Education: International Perspectives.- Care and Compassion: Values Commitment and Attitude Clarifi cation in Education.- Learning And Teaching: Asia-Pacific Perspectives.- Seeking a New Education Paradigm for Teaching and Learning: Achieving Education for Sustainable Development.- Teacher Professional Judgement in Teaching and Learning Decisions.- Navigating Culture and Context: The Principalship in East and South-East Asia.- Improving the Participation of Disadvantaged Students in Post-Compulsory Education and Training: A Continuing Challenge.- Phillip Hughes: A Personal View.- Semi-final Refl ections: And Miles to Go Before I Sleep.
Phillip Hughes: International Educator, Scholar, Teacher This Festschrift is published in honour of Professor Phillip Hughes, an exceptional Australian educationalist and influential member of the international education c- munity. Professor Hughes has made major important contributions to the advan- ment of education and schooling both in Australia and in various developing countries throughout the world, the latter being mainly through his work for UNESCO. I first met Phillip Hughes in 1980 when he took up an appointment as Professor and Head of the Department of Teacher Education in the Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania, Hobart. I was a Faculty staff member, and even before I first met Phillip in person I felt that I already knew him very well from his num- ous publications and keynote presentations at major conferences. Prior to returning to his native Tasmania, Phillip’s reputation was already well established as a national and international leader in education; and as a highly respected and influential member of the Tasmanian community.

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Autor: Rupert Maclean
ISBN-13 :: 9781402057731
ISBN: 1402057733
Erscheinungsjahr: 11.10.2007
Verlag: Springer Netherland
Seiten: 324
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2007
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