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Autor: Rory Lewis
ISBN-13: 9781430242734
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Beginning iOS Storyboarding

Using Xcode
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For the beginner who has never programmed, Beginning iOS Storyboarding shows how to extract those cool and innovative app ideas you have in your head into a working app ready for sale on the iTunes store by using Apple's new Storyboarding technology. Storyboarding allows you to skip chunks of code by just dragging scenes and segues onto your Storyboard canvas. A time saver for sure, but it's new!
Dr. Rory Lewis, Yulia McCarthy and Stephen Moraco — a best selling Apress author, a former Apple iOS engineering group intern and a successful app developer — have teamed up to bring you this book, Beginning iOS Storyboarding. The three authors have found a beautiful way to lead the beginner into Storyboarding and at the same time show old school coders of Objective-C the new and exquisite methodology of this incredible tool.

Even if you're an intermediate or pro-level Objective-C developer, you can still learn the ins and outs of Xcode's new Storyboarding feature, and find new ways of building and debugging your new Storyboarding app. Yup: This book is also for you, too.

In this book, you get the following, beyond learning the fundamentals and classical elements of Storyboarding:

Design and build utilities and a location based service app using Storyboarding techniques
Design and build a universal app with a rich user interface and user experience (UX)
Create a fun game app, and more
Storyboarding with MapView
Building a Utility Application
Storyboarding a Page-Based App
Mastering Table Views with Storyboarding: Core Data Setup
Mastering Table Views with Storyboarding: Designing the Flow
Mastering Table Views with Storyboarding: Coding the Backend
Single View #3: wanderBoard Part I
Single View #3: wanderBoard Part II
Single View #3: wanderBoard Part III
How Far You Have Come

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Autor: Rory Lewis
ISBN-13 :: 9781430242734
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Verlag: APRESS
Seiten: 644
Sprache: Englisch
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