Next Generation Course Redesign

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Philip M. Turner
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The Authors: Philip M. Turner has served as a professor and academic dean as well as holding campus and system-wide leadership positions in the application of emerging technologies to enhance learning. He currently serves as Learning Enhancement Specialist at the University of North Texas. Dr. Turner has published and presented widely on the impact of distributed learning on higher education. Ronald S. Carriveau is an educational psychologist. His primary role at the University of North Texas is working with Next Generation Course Redesign faculty to develop student learning outcomes and assessments that measure higher level cognitive skills. He is responsible for the assessment and evaluation of the UNT Quality Enhancement Plan for accreditation purposes. Dr. Carriveau has held the position of associate professor in educational psychology and has presented extensively on outcomes-based assessment. He has served as the Director of Assessment and Standards at the state level and as a test development manager for a large publishing company.
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There is widespread recognition that large enrollment introductory classes are a significant problem. Lack of engagement, incongruous learning styles and teaching methods, and high failure/dropout rates are some of the symptoms. Recent developments in accountability at both state and federal levels make addressing the problem even more crucial. The University of North Texas has developed and promulgated a process for redesigning these classes that brings to bear the creativity of the faculty, resulting in higher-level student learning without increasing instructional costs. This groundbreaking book provides the reader with a theoretical foundation for course redesign that employs assessment-driven experiential learning and tools and examples to bring all or part of the process to their campus.

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