Digital Content Creation

Perceptions, Practices and Perspectives
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Kirsten Drotner
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46, New Literacies and Digital Epistemologies

Kirsten Drotner is Professor of Media Studies at the Institute of Literature, Culture, & Media Studies at the University of Southern Denmark and founding director of DREAM (Danish Research Centre on Education and Advanced Media Materials). Kim Christian Schrøder is Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication, Business, and Information Technologies at Roskilde University, Denmark, and Division Chair for the COST project Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies.
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Contents: Kirsten Drotner/Kim Christian Schrøder: Introduction: Digital Content Creation: Perceptions, Practices, and Perspectives - Jonas Löwgren: Designing for Collaborative Crossmedia Creation - Wilma Clark: Wiki as Semiospheric Text: Students' Meaning-Making Practices as Authors and Consumers of Digital Texts - Ola Erstad: Content in Motion: Remixing and Learning with Digital Media - Simon Staffans/Annika Wiklund-Engblom: Developing Crossmedia and Interactivity for Edutainment: Conclusions Drawn from "The Space Trainees" Project - John Hartley: Where Money and Meanings Meet: Theorizing the Emergence of New Values in Media and Education - Becky Herr-Stephenson: Media Production and the Problem of Consumption - Nina Haferkamp/Nicole C. Krämer: Creating a Digital Self: Impression Management and Impression Formation on Social Network Sites - Angela McFarlane: Digital Creativity: Editing versus Cheating and How You Learn the Difference - Anette Grønning: Chat Interaction in Public and Commercial Domains - Jenny Weight: Learning Space(s) - Ralph Barthel/Shaaron Ainsworth/Mike Sharples: Negotiating Perspective in Social Video Environments - Daniel Spikol: Design Strategies for Developing Mobile Collaborative Learning Platforms - Mikael Kivelä/Jarkko Mylläri: Digitally Mapping a Rhizome: Making Sense of Digital Content Creation Processes - Norbert Wildermuth: Empowerment: The Real Challenge of Digital Inclusion - David Buckingham: Do We Really Need Media Education 2.0? Teaching in the Age of Participatory Media.
The formative role played by digital communication in knowledge-based societies is widely acknowledged. Not least, young people's rapid adoption of a variety of social software applications serves to challenge existing forms of communication for learning, since these innovations allow and assume users' own creation, sharing, and editing of content. This volume presents advanced research on digital content creation, its socio-cultural contexts, and educational consequences. In the midst of ubiquitous commercial hype about digital innovation, as well as policy concerns, the volume offers the sobering perspectives of theory-driven empirical research, in order to examine the complexities, highlight the nuances, and illuminate the pedagogical affordances of creative digital contents. This book brings together the work of an international group of scholars from a range of disciplines including media and ICT studies, education, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies.

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