Vygotsky and Creativity

A Cultural-historical Approach to Play, Meaning Making, and the Arts
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M. Cathrene Connery
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M. Cathrene Connery, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Literacy & Children's Literature at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland. A bilingual educator, professor, and advocate, she has drawn on her visual arts education to inform her research and professional activities in language, literacy, and sociocultural studies on behalf of the education of culturally and linguistically diverse children in the US.Vera John-Steiner, Ph.D. is Emerita Presidential Professor of Linguistics and Education at the University of New Mexico. She is an authority on creativity, collaboration, and cultural-historical activity theory, having published and presented internationally for the past 50 years. Dr. John-Steiner has sustained a lifelong interest in dance.Ana Marjanovic-Shane, PhD. is an Associate Professor of Education at Chestnut Hill College and the deputy editor-in-chief of Dialogic Pedagogy: An International Online Journal. Her professional interests are focused on dialogic meaning making and creativity in human development. Her articles in English and Serbian have been published in various journals and as book chapters on play and education.
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Contents: Vera John-Steiner/M. Cathrene Connery/Ana Marjanovic-Shane: Dancing with the Muses: An Cultural-historical Approach To Play, Meaning Making and Creativity - M. Cathrene Connery: The Historical Significance of Vygotsky's Psychology of Art - Lois Holzman: Without Creating ZPDs There Is No Creativity - Ana Marjanovic-Shane: From Yes and No to Me and You: A Playful Change in Relationships and Meanings - Patricia St. John: Crossing Scripts and Swapping Riffs: Preschoolers Make Musical Meaning - M. Cathrene Connery: The Social Construction of a Visual Language: On Becoming a Painter - Barry Oreck/Jessica Nicoll: Dance Dialogues: Creating and Teaching in the Zone of Proximal Development - Peter Smagorinsky: The Inscription of Self in Graphic Texts in School - Seana Moran: Commitment and Creativity: Transforming Experience into Art - Beth Ferholt: A Synthetic-Analytic Method for the Study of Perezhivanie: Vygotsky's Literary Analysis Applied to Playworlds - Michelle Zoss: Keeping Ideas and Language in Play: Teaching Drawing, Writing, and Aesthetics in a Secondary Literacy Class - Carrie Lobman: Creating Developmental Moments: Teaching and Learning as Creative Activities - Ana Marjanovic-Shane/M. Cathrene Connery/Vera John-Steiner: A Cultural-historical Approach to Creative Education.
This text presents a Vygotskian perspective on children's and adults' symbolic engagement in play, multi-modal meaning making, and the arts. Psychologists, artists, and educators present research and practice in a variety of learning environments through the lens of Vygotsky's cultural historical theory. The connections between creative expression, learning, teaching, and development are situated in a theoretical framework that emphasizes the social origins of individual development and the arts. The authors share a view of learning as an imaginative process rooted in our common need to communicate and transform individual experience through the cultural lifelines of the arts. This book is suitable for readers or courses in the following areas: art and aesthetics; art education; art therapy; cultural historical activity theory; communication; creativity studies; early childhood education; education; educational perspectives; educational psychology; emotional development; cultural and societal foundations; language, literacy, and sociocultural studies; learning and development; mental health and catharsis; multiliteracies; multimodal meaning making; play; play therapy; psychology; semiotics; social construction of meaning; trauma, resilience, and therapeutic processes and practices; and Vygotskian approaches to psychology.

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