Managing Diversity

(Re)Visioning Equity on College Campuses. Foreword by Jerlando F. L. Jackson. Afterword by Lemuel Watson
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T. Elon Dancy II
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The Editor: T. Elon Dancy II is Assistant Professor of Adult and Higher Education at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. He received his PhD from Louisiana State University with an emphasis in higher education. His research agenda investigates the intersection of race, gender, and culture in colleges and universities, as well as other educational settings.
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Contents: Jerlando F. L. Jackson: Foreword: What Music Can Teach Us about Managing Diversity in Higher Education - T. Elon Dancy II: An Introduction to Managing Diversity: A Mandate or an Oxymoron? - Rebecca Ropers-Huilman/Kathryn A. E. Enke: Diversity and Interdisciplinarity: Exploring Complexities at the Intersections of the Academy - Samuel D. Museus/Frank Harris: Success among College Students of Color: How Institutional Culture Matters - Roland W. Mitchell/Kirsten T. Edwards: Power, Privilege, and Pedagogy: Collegiate Classrooms as Sites to Learn Racial Equality - T. Elon Dancy II: When and Where Interests Collide: Policy, Research, and the Case for Managing Campus Diversity - Penny A. Pasque: Women Leaders in Higher Education: Constructions of Organization, Reduction, and Rejuvenation - Fred A. Bonner II/Dave Louis/Chance W. Lewis: African American Male Collegians: Race, Class, and Gender Revealed - Terrell L. Strayhorn: Racial and Sexual Identity Politics in College: New Directions in Campus Equity - T. Elon Dancy II: Manhood and Masculinities in College: Connecting Theory and Research to Practice - Sharon Fries-Britt/Toyia Younger/Wendell Hall: Underrepresented Minorities in Physics: How Perceptions of Race and Campus Climate Affect Student Outcomes - Robert T. Palmer: Counseling Diverse Students Effectively: Building Cultural Competency among Collegiate Personnel - Lorenzo DuBois Baber: Beyond Structural Diversity: Centering "Place" Among African American Students in Predominantly White Campuses - Marybeth A. Gasman: Researching for Justice: Using One's Role as Faculty Member to Fight for Equity in Higher Education - Lemuel Watson: Afterword: Beyond Managing Diversity: Shaping Collegiate Environments of Respect and Empowerment.
This book brings together scholars who explore the evolving meanings of diversity and how these meanings present new challenges and considerations for collegiate leadership, management, and practice. The book offers empirical, scholarly, and personal space to interrogate the seemingly elusive but compelling challenges postsecondary institutions face in managing diversity. Book chapters are offered in a variety of voices - some detailing theoretical, conceptual, sociohistorical, and globalized meanings of diversity; some highlighting college personnel narratives around social justice and equity; and some illustrating identity politics and provocative topics among students, faculty, and staff that continue to present formidable challenges to collegiate equity agendas. The intent is to both question existing efforts to diversify and make inclusive collegiate contexts; to present new frameworks of thinking about diversity, equity, and inclusion; and to identify and detail policy and practice implications.

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