The Political Economy of Media and Power

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Jeffery Klaehn
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The Editor: Jeffery Klaehn holds a Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam and is currently completing a second Ph.D. at the University of Strathclyde. He has published in a range of international peer-reviewed journals and has compiled, edited, and contributed to Filtering the News: Essays on Herman and Chomsky's Propaganda Model (2005), Bound by Power: Intended Consequences (2006), Inside the World of Comic Books (2007) and Roadblocks to Equality: Women Challenging Boundaries (2008). Dr. Klaehn is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Global Mass Communication, ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies and Fifth-Estate-Online: The International Journal of Radical Mass Media Criticism. Dr. Klaehn's teaching and research focus upon pop culture, media, power, political economy, social inequality, education, and human rights.
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Contents: Cees J. Hamelink: Preface - David Miller/William Dinan: Introduction - Jeffery Klaehn: Discourses on Power - Sylvia Hale: Promoting War: The Power Politics of Manufacturing News - Richard Lance Keeble: Hacks and spooks - Close Encounters of a Strange Kind: A Critical History of the Links between Mainstream Journalists and the Intelligence Services in the UK - Gerald Sussman: A Regime of Propaganda: The Systemic Bases of Promotional Political Culture - Stuart Allan/Donald Matheson: Images in Wartime: The Mediation of Power - Robin Andersen: The Power of Images at Times of War - Henry A. Giroux: Public Pedagogy, Cultural Politics, and the Biopolitics of Militarization - Andrew Mullen: Bringing Power Back In: The Herman-Chomsky Propaganda Model, 1988-2008 - Robert Jensen: The Faculty Filter: Why the Propaganda Model is Marginalized in U.S. Journalism Schools - James Winter: Reporting on the Pharmaceutical Industry: Profit before People - Yasmin Jiwani: Soft Power: Policing the Border through Canadian TV Crime Drama - Richard Poulin/Melanie Claude: Appearance, Intimacy Exhibition, Hypersexualization and Pornography - David Berry: Radical Mass Media Criticism, History and Theory - Justin Lewis: The Myth of Commercialism: Why a Market Approach to Broadcasting Does Not Work.
The Political Economy of Media and Power is a highly interdisciplinary and innovative edited collection, bringing together a diverse range of chapters that address some of the most important issues of our times. Contributors cut through media spectacle and make visible the intersections between mass media and the politics of power in the contemporary social world.The book is intended to foster critical pedagogy; chapters explore ways in which media connect with a broad range of topics and issues, including globalization; war and terrorism; foreign affairs; democracy; governmental relations; the cultural politics of militarization; gender inequality and the sexist saturation of the public sphere; media representations of women; media spin and public relations within the broader context of corporate and ideological power.
The volume features notable contributors, including a preface by Cees Hamelink, an introduction by David Miller and William Dinan, and chapters from Justin Lewis, Robin Andersen, Henry Giroux, James Winter, Robert Jensen, Stuart Allan, Richard Keeble, Yasmin Jiwani, David Berry, Gerald Sussman, and Andrew Mullen.

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