A Snow Angel Story Book
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A Snow Angel Story Book

Little Beth and the Snow Angel
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Sandy Winnette
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Children smile with surprise when little Beth's Christmas snow angel comes to life!  All the forest animals gather around to see.Feel Christmas in the air when little Beth and her mystical Nana fly together with the snow angel to meet Saint Nick at Sweet Snow Valley.This is an amazing story about a little girl and her magical wish when she makes her snow angel. You will feel the warmth of Forest Manor, mixed with the charm of the country snow in this eighteenth century setting.Little Beth lives at Forest Manor with her mother who is an artist. Her father writes stories and travels with his work.  Cook takes care of the house, makes the best tea cookies and is considered part of the family. Little Beth plays with her dolls on the staircase that leads to her bedroom at the top of the stairs.She  looks out her window towards the forest and watches the animals come into the meadow below.   Today is the Christmas party and Beth is wearing her new party dress. She is holding her new doll, Angel Grace.   She peeks out the curtains watching  guest arrive. One after another horses pull fancy carriages  down the road to Forest Manor. While the party takes place little Beth will go out into the snow to leave some scraps of food for the forest animals.She decides to make a snow angel and she makes a wish. Her wish comes true and all of the forest animals see a beautiful snow angel come to life.  Fun filled with the imagination of a little girl, her magical snow angel and all the animals in the forest. Author: Sandy Winnette(817) 372-2084Editor: Cathy Scofield

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