Let’s Talk about Love

Why Other People Have Such Bad Taste
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Carl Wilson is the music critic at Slate and also writes for The Globe and Mail, Hazlitt, The New York Times Magazine and many other online and print publications. He lives in Toronto, where he is the doorman at the Trampoline Hall Lecture Series.
A revised, expanded edition of Carl Wilson's beloved book Let's Talk About Love - now including essays from a host of writers and cultural critics with a new afterword by the author.A revised, expanded edition of Carl Wilson's classic and beloved book - now including essays and responses from a host of writers and cultural critics.
Perhaps the most teachable book ever written about taste, and our contemporary popular culture
A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHERPART ILet's Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste Carl Wilson1. Let's Talk About Hate 2. Let's Talk About Pop (and Its Critics) 3. Let's Talk in French 4. Let's Talk About World Conquest 5. Let's Talk About Schmaltz 6. Let's Sing Really Loud 7. Let's Talk About Taste 8. Let's Talk About Who's Got Bad Taste 9. Let's Talk with Some Fans 10. Let's Do a Punk Version of "My Heart Will Go On" (or, Let's Talk About Our Feelings) 11. Let's Talk About Let's Talk About Love 12. Let's Talk About Love PART IIEssays: What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Carl Wilson, "Introduction"Nick Hornby, "The Artists We Deserve"Krist Novoselic, "With the Lights On, It's Less Useless"Ann Powers, "If the Girls Were All Transported"Mary Gaitskill, "The Most Obvious Thing"Jason King, "Compared to What?"Daphne Brooks, "Let's Talk About Diana Ross (In Memory of Trayvon Martin)"Drew Daniel, "Deep in the Game"Sukhdev Sandhu, "Children of the Corn"James Franco, "Acting In and Out of Context"Marco Roth and the Editors of n+1, "Too Much Sociology"Jonathan Sterne, "Giving Up on Giving Up on Good Taste"Owen Pallett, "When I Come Home"Sheila Heti, "Playlist: Let's Listen to Love"PART IIIAfterwordCarl Wilson, "Let's Talk Later"ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSNOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS
For his 2007 critically acclaimed 33 1/3 series title, Let's Talk About Love, Carl Wilson went on a quest to find his inner Céline Dion fan and explore how we define ourselves by what we call good and bad, what we love and what we hate. At once among the most widely beloved and most reviled and lampooned pop stars of the past few decades, Céline Dion's critics call her mawkish and overblown while millions of fans around the world adore her "huge pipes" and even bigger feelings. How can anyone say which side is right? This new, expanded edition goes even further, calling on thirteen prominent writers and musicians to respond to themes ranging from sentiment and kitsch to cultural capital and musical snobbery. The original text is followed by lively arguments and stories from Nick Hornby, Krist Novoselic, Ann Powers, Mary Gaitskill, James Franco, Sheila Heti and others. In a new afterword, Carl Wilson examines recent cultural changes in love and hate, including the impact of technology and social media on how taste works (or doesn't) in the 21st century.

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