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Erica Frantz (Ph.D., UCLA, 2008) is a political scientist specializing in authoritarian politics. Her research interests interesect comparative politics and international relations, with regional expertise in Latin America and the Middle East. She is currently a political analyst at the Institute for Physical Sciences. Natasha Ezrow is Lecturer at the University of Essex, UK, where she serves as the Director of the International Development Studies Program. She also the coordinator of the UNISCA Program at the University of Amsterdam and Scholar in Residence at Texas A&M University.
Introduction; Chapter 1: Authoritarian Politics: Typologies; Chapter 2: The Causes of Dictatorship; Chapter 3: The Survival of Authoritarian Regimes: Strategies and Trends; Chapter 4: The Survival of Authoritarian Leaders: Strategies and Trends; Chapter 5: Coups; Chapter 6: Dictatorships and Political Gridlock; Chapter 7: Dictatorships and the Economy; Chapter 8: Dictatorships and International Conflict; Chapter 9: Military Dictatorships in Latin America and Beyond; Chapter 10: Single-party Dictatorships in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Beyond; Chapter 11: Personalist Dictatorships in Sub-Saharan Africa and Beyond; Chapter 12: Monarchies in the Middle East and Beyond; Chapter 13: Hybrid Dictatorships; Conclusion; Bibliography.
Discusses how dictatorships work, looking at leaders, elites, and regime dynamics, synthesizing foundational and cutting-edge research on authoritarian politics, and integrating theory with case studies.

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