Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations III

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The papers in this volume were peer-reviewed and carefully selected
Synergies of AI methods for Robotic Planning and Grabbing, Facial Expressions Recognition and Blind's Navigation.- Neural Networks for Modal and Virtual Learning.- A Hybrid Technology for Operational Decision Support in Pervasive Environments.- An Expert System Based on Parametric Net to Support Motor Pump Multi-Failure Diagnostic.- Providing Assistance during Decision-making Problems Solving in an Educational Modelling Environment.- Alternative Strategies for Conflict Resolution in Multi-Context Systems.- Certified Trust Model.- A Fuzzy Knowledge-based Decision Support System for Tender Call Evaluation.- Extended CNP Framework for the Dynamic Pickup and Delivery Problem Solving.- A Logic-Based Approach to Solve the Steiner Tree Problem.- An Argumentation Agent Models Evaluative Criteria.- ASIC Design Project Management Supported by Multi Agent Simulation.- On the Combination of Textual and Semantic Descriptions for Automated Semantic Web Service Classification.- Revealing Paths of Relevant Information in Web Graphs.- Preferential Infinitesimals for Information Retrieval.- OntoLife: an Ontology for Semantically Managing Personal Information.- AIR_POLLUTION_Onto: an Ontology for Air Pollution Analysis and Control.- Experimental Evaluation of Multi-Agent Ontology Mapping Framework.- Visualizing RDF Documents.- A Knowledge-based System for Translating FOL Formulas into NL Sentences.- Background Extraction in Electron Microscope Images of Artificial Membranes.- Confidence Predictions for the Diagnosis of Acute Abdominal Pain.- Enhanced Human Body Fall Detection Utilizing Advanced Classification of Video and Motion Perceptual Components.- An Evolutionary Technique for Medical Diagnostic Risk Factors Selection.- Mining Patterns of Lung Infections in Chest Radiographs.- Computational Modeling of Visual Selective Attention Based on Correlation and Synchronization of Neural Activity.- MEDICAL_MAS: an Agent-Based System for Medical Diagnosis.- Heterogeneous Data Fusion to Type Brain Tumor Biopsies.- Automatic Knowledge Discovery and Case Management: an Effective Way to Use Databases to Enhance Health Care Management.- Combining Gaussian Mixture Models and Support Vector Machines for Relevance Feedback in Content Based Image Retrieval.- Performance Evaluation of a Speech Interface for Motorcycle Environment.- Model Identification in Wavelet Neural Networks Framework.- Two Levels Similarity Modelling: a Novel Content Based Image Clustering Concept.- Locating an Acoustic Source Using a Mutual Information Beamformer.- Intelligent Modification of Colors in Digitized Paintings for Enhancing the Visual Perception of Color-blind Viewers.- An intelligent Fuzzy Inference System for Risk Estimation Using Matlab Platform: the Case of Forest Fires in Greece.- MSRS: Critique on its Usability via a Path Planning Algorithm Implementation.- Automated Product Pricing Using Argumentation.- User Recommendations based on Tensor Dimensionality Reduction.- A Genetic Algorithm for the Classification of Earthquake Damages in Buildings.- Mining Retail Transaction Data for Targeting Customers with Headroom - A Case Study.- Adaptive Electronic Institutions for Negotiations.- A Multi-agent Task Delivery System for Balancing the Load in Collaborative Grid Environment.- Backing-up Fuzzy Control of a Truck-trailer Equipped with a Kingpin Sliding Mechanism.- Sensing Inertial and Continuously-Changing World Features.- MobiAct: Supporting Personalized Interaction with Mobile Context-aware Applications.- Defining a Task's Temporal Domain for Intelligent Calendar Applications.- Managing Diagnosis Processes with Interactive Decompositions.- Computer Log Anomaly Detection Using Frequent Episodes.- Semi-tacit Adaptation of Intelligent Environments.- A Formal Fuzzy Framework for Representation and Recognition of Human Activities.- Multi-modal System Architecture for Serious Gaming.- Reconstruction-based Classification Rule Hiding through Controlled Data Modification.- Learning Rules from User Behaviour.- Behaviour Recognition using the Event Calculus.- Multi-Source Causal Analysis: Learning Bayesian Networks from Multiple Datasets.- A Hybrid Approach for Improving Prediction Coverage of Collaborative Filtering.- Towards Predicate Answer Set Programming via Coinductive Logic Programming.- An Adaptive Resource Allocating Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System with Sensitivity Analysis Resource Control.- A Lazy Approach for Machine Learning Algorithms.- TELIOS: A Tool for the Automatic Generation of Logic Programming Machines.- GF-Miner: a Genetic Fuzzy Classifier for Numerical Data.- Fuzzy Dependencies between Preparedness and Learning Outcome.
The ever expanding abundance of information and computing power enables - searchers and users to tackle highly interesting issues, such as applications prov- ing personalized access and interactivity to multimodal information based on user preferences and semantic concepts or human-machine interface systems utilizing information on the affective state of the user. The general focus of the AIAI conf- ence is to provide insights on how AI can be implemented in real world applications. This volume contains papers selected for presentation at the 5th IFIP Conf- ence on Artificial Intelligence Applications & Innovations (AIAI 2009) being held from 23rd till 25th of April, in Thessaloniki, Greece. The IFIP AIAI 2009 conf- ence is co-organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, by the University of Macedonia Thessaloniki and by the Democritus University of Thrace. AIAI 2009 is the official conference of the WG12.5 "Artificial Intelligence Appli- tions" working group of IFIP TC12 the International Federation for Information Processing Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a conference growing and maintaining high standards of quality. The p- pose of the 5th IFIP AIAI Conference is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the technical advances and business / industrial - plications of intelligent systems. AIAI 2009 is not only focused in providing - sights on how AI can be implemented in real world applications, but it also covers innovative methods, tools and ideas of AI on architectural and algorithmic level.

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