Neonatal Anesthesia

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The definitive up-to-date clinical reference on neonatal anesthesia
1. The History of Neonatal Anesthesia.- 2. Physiology and Development of the term and preterm neonate.- 3. Anesthesia and ancillary drugs & the neonate.- 4. Selection of anesthesia techniques for the neonate.- 5. Neonatal airway management.- 6. Monitoring the Neonate: basic science.- 7. Monitoring the neonate: practical considerations.- 8. Perioperative metabolic care of the term and preterm infant.- 9. Neonatal ventilation.- 10. Thoracoabdominal & general surgery.- 11. Anesthesia for the neonate: Neurosurgery & Ophthalmology.- 12. Anesthesia for cardiac surgery in neonates.- 13. Anesthesia outside the operating room.- 14. Pain assessment and management.- 15. Regional anesthesia.- 16. Anesthetic complications in the neonate.- 17. Ethical and medico-legal considerations.

This is the first comprehensive book in more than a decade in the very specialized field of neonatal anesthesia. Edited and written by a team of recognized experts in neonatal anesthesia, surgery, and intensive care, this volume is the quintessential clinical reference for perioperative care of these small patients.

The considerations of developmental physiology and pharmacology, which influence anesthesia care and pain management, are clearly explained. Care for surgical and medical procedures, including sedation and monitoring in and out of the operating room, is detailed. Congenital disorders of all organ systems are described together with their current management.

The special considerations for neonatal intensive care - current recommendations for fluid, nutrition, and metabolic requirements, mechanical ventilation, and management of the airway - are detailed.

This topical volume concludes with a summary of complications and ethical considerations in the neonate.

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