Integral Geometry and Radon Transforms

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Dr. Sigurdur Helgason has authored or co-authered 9 books and 94 papers. He has received numerous honors and awards, including the Steele Prize, awarded by the American Mathematical Society in 1988. He has been a professor at MIT since 1960.
Integral geometry is a fascinating area where numerous branches of mathematics meet together. This book is concentrated around the duality and double fibration, which is realized through the masterful treatment of a variety of examples.
Presents material accessible to advanced undergraduates
1.- The Radon Transformon on R n 1.1- Introduction 1.2- The Radon Transform: The Support Theorem 1.3- The Inversion Formula: Injectivity Questions 1.4- The Plancherel Formula 1.5- Radon Transform of Distribution 1.6- Integration over d -planes: X-Ray Transforms 1.7- Applications 2.- A Duality in Integral Geometry 2.1- Homogeneous Spaces in Duality 2.2- The Radon Transform for the Double Fibration: Principal Problems 2.3- Orbital Integrals 2.4- Examples of Radon Transforms for Homogeneous Spaces in Duality 3.- The Radon Transform on Two-Point Homogeneous Spaces 3.1- Spaces of Constant Curvature: Inversion and Support Theorems 3.2- Compact Two-Point Homogeneous Spaces: Applications 3.3- Noncompact Two-Point Homogeneous Spaces 3.4- Support Theorems Relative to Horocycles 4.- The X-Ray Transform on a Symmetric Space 4.1- Compact Symmetric Spaces: Injectivity and Local Inversion: Support Theorem 4.2- Noncompact Symmetric Spaces: Global Inversion and General Support Theorem 4.3- Maximal Tori and Minimal Spheres in Compact Symmetric Spaces 5.- Orbital Integrals 5.1- Isotropic Spaces 5.2- Orbital Integrals 5.3- Generalized Riesz Potentials 5.4- Determination of a Function from its Integral over Lorentzian Spheres 5.5- Orbital Integrands and Huygens' Principle 6.- The Mean-Value Operator 6.1- An Injectivity Result 6.2- Ásgeirsson's Mean-Value Theorem Generalized 6.3- John's Indentities 7.- Fourier Transforms and Distribution: A Rapid Course 7.1-The Topology of Spaces D (R n ), E (R n ) and S (R n ) 7.2- Distribution 7.3- Convolutions 7.4- The Fourier Transform 7.5- Differential Operators with Constant Coefficients 7.6- Riesz Potentials 8.- Lie Transformation Groups and Differential Operators 8.1- Manifolds and Lie Groups 8.2- Lie Transformation Groups and Radon Transforms 9.- Bibliography 10.- Notational Conventions 11.- Index.
In this text, integral geometry deals with Radon's problem of representing a function on a manifold in terms of its integrals over certain submanifolds-hence the term the Radon transform. Examples and far-reaching generalizations lead to fundamental problems such as: (i) injectivity, (ii) inversion formulas, (iii) support questions, (iv) applications (e.g., to tomography, partial di erential equations and group representations). For the case of the plane, the inversion theorem and the support theorem have had major applications in medicine through tomography and CAT scanning. While containing some recent research, the book is aimed at beginning graduate students for classroom use or self-study. A number of exercises point to further results with documentation. From the reviews: "Integral Geometry is a fascinating area, where numerous branches of mathematics meet together. the contents of the book is concentrated around the duality and double vibration, which is realized through the masterful treatment of a variety of examples. the book is written by an expert, who has made fundamental contributions to the area." -Boris Rubin, Louisiana State University

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