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Data Management

A Practical Guide for Librarians
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Margaret E. Henderson
28, Practical Guides for Librarians
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Data Management will guide readers through data management basics and best practices following through the data lifecycle. Guidance for starting and growing a data management service includes suggestions for assessment. Specifics about how to use the reference interview to help with data management, writing data management plans for grants, and finding collaborators are covered in depth. Specialty areas such as teaching data management and data reuse are also included.
Libraries organize information and data is information, so it is natural that librarians should help people who need to find, organize, use, or store data. Organizations need evidence for decision making; data provides that evidence. Inventors and creators build upon data collected by others. All around us, people need data. Librarians can help increase the relevance of their library to the research and education mission of their institution by learning more about data and how to manage it.

Data Management will guide readers through:

  1. Understanding data management basics and best practices.

  2. Using the reference interview to help with data management

  3. Writing data management plans for grants.

  4. Starting and growing a data management service.

  5. Finding collaborators inside and outside the library.

  6. Collecting and using data in different disciplines.


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Chapter 1. What is Data and Why Should Librarians be Involved?

Chapter 2. Understanding Research and the Role of Data

Chapter 3. Best Practices for Working with Research Data

Chapter 4. Data Interviews

Chapter 5. Storing, Curating, and Preserving Data

Chapter 6. Documentation and Metadata

Chapter 7. Publishing and Sharing Data

Chapter 8. Writing Data Management Plans

Chapter 9. Starting Data Management Services

Chapter 10. Leveraging Partnerships

Chapter 11. Expanding RDM Service

Chapter 12. Teaching Data

Chapter 13. Reusing Data

Chapter 14. Data Management Roles for Librarians

A Glossary of Data and Data Management Terms


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