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Scaling Identities

Nationalism and Territoriality
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Guntram H. Herb
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This volume combines theoretical analysis with a rich set of case studies to understand how national identity is negotiated across spatial scales. As nationalism and identity have continued as critical global flashpoints, this book provides the only up-to-date, comprehensive treatment of the territorial and scalar dimensions of national identity.
This comprehensive book examines the crucial connections between national identity, territory, and scale. Providing a powerful theoretical and organizational framework, the volume identifies four ways in which scale operates dynamically in the formation and maintenance of national identity. Consolidating identities considers the strategies necessary to keep all parts within the fold through educational systems, minority policies, immigration controls, and other forms of traditional state power. Magnifying identities examines the consequences of shifting the scale up and unifying territories that have a sense of a larger, supranational identity. Connecting identities assesses how nations can bridge physical distance, water barriers, or sovereign boundaries. Fragmenting identities looks into the disintegration of national identities and those forces that have the potential to unravel a nation or block its effective formation. Nationalism and national identity remain critical flashpoints in the geopolitical order, as we have seen in the development of a quasi-independent Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, the resurgence of Native American identities in response to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Chinese crackdown on its minority regions. Offering a rich set of case studies from around the world, this essential book affirms the global importance of national identity and scale.
Introduction: Scaling the Nation

David H. Kaplan and Guntram H. Herb

Part I: Conceptual Issues

1: Power, Territory, and National Identity

Guntram H. Herb

2: National Identity and Scalar Processes

David H. Kaplan

Part II: Consolidating Identities

3: The Changing Context of German Nationhood

Corey Johnson

4: Sociocultural and Territorial Aspects of Argentine Identity

David Keeling

5: Construction of Postcolonial Tanzanian National Identity

Kefa M. Otiso

Part III: Magnifying Identities

6: Toward a Meaningful European Identity

Alexander B. Murphy

7: Greater Caribbean Regional Identity

Gary S. Elbow

8: Imagining the Arab Homeland and Palestine

Karen Culcasi

Part IV: Connecting Identities

9: Native American Resurgence and Scales of Identity

Steven E. Silvern

10: The Reinstitutionalization of Island Identities in Japan

Takashi Yamazaki

11: Chinese National Identity and Social Networks

Susan M. Walcott

Part V: Fragmenting Identities

12: Partition and National Fragmentation of Kurdistan

Carl T. Dahlman and Sanan Moradi

13: Contested Identities in Transylvania

George W. White

14: Indian Diasporas and the Creation of Subnational Identities

Pablo Bose

Afterword: Transcending Scale?

Jouni Häkli


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