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My Partner, My Enemy

An Unflinching View of Domestic Violence and New Ways to Protect Victims
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John Michael Leventhal
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Domestic violence and abuse can unfortunately happen to anyone and is so often overlooked. In My Partner, My Enemy, Hon. John Michael Leventhal opens the readers’ eyes to the problem by looking at true cases of domestic violence, and offering solutions and resources to aid in the effort to help stop the problem.
The problem of domestic violence and partner abuse knows no bounds, can affect anyone, and when kept silent and in the dark can become deadly. Hon. John Leventhal presided over the Brooklyn Felony Domestic Violence Court, the first felony domestic violence part in the nation, since it opened in June 1996 until he was elevated to the appellate court January 2008. While domestic violence has greater social and legal visibility today then it did in the past, the problem still remains a massive and ongoing crisis. My Partner, My Enemy brings truth and reality to a matter that desperately needs to be addressed. So how do we help reduce and eliminate intimate partner abuse, especially when the public knows so little and much goes unreported? By exploring the severity of the problem through true case studies of violent and abusive men, and their motivations, Leventhal successfully brings to light the problem and ways to help.

1: What is the Scope of the Domestic Violence Problem in Society?

2: Build It and They Will Come

3: Lucky Laurie

4: Yuri the Hunter

5: Desmond and Enid

6: Deadly Dave

7: Boris the Bully

8: Predator Paul

9: Same Sex Savagery

10: Alvin’s Allowance

11: Jeremiah Jonah

12: Fatal Frankie

13: Classic Carl

14: Selfish Samuel

15: Dangerous Love

16: Deadly Vignettes

17: What Can We Do to Protect and to Aid Abused Women to Help Themselves?

18: What Should We Do With The Perpetrators?

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