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Politics and Government in Israel

The Maturation of a Modern State
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Gregory S. Mahler
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This balanced and comprehensive text explores Israeli government and politics, tracing the history of the state, and the social, religious, economic, and military environments of Israeli politics. Gregory Mahler’s concise book provides an invaluable start for readers needing an introduction to Israel today.
This balanced and comprehensive text explores Israeli government and politics from both institutional and behavioral perspectives. After briefly discussing Israel’s history and the early development of the state, Gregory Mahler then examines the social, religious, economic, cultural, and military contexts within which Israeli politics takes place. He makes special note of Israel’s geopolitical situation of sharing borders with, and being proximate to, several hostile Arab nations. The book explains the operation of political institutions and behavior in Israeli domestic politics, including the constitutional system and ideology, parliamentary government, the prime minister and the Knesset, political parties and interest groups, the electoral process and voting behavior, and the machinery of government. Mahler also considers Israel’s foreign policy setting and apparatus, the Palestinians and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the particularly sensitive questions of Jerusalem and the Israeli settlement movement, and the Middle East peace process overall. This clear and concise text provides an invaluable starting point for all readers needing a cogent introduction to Israel today.
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Part I: The Political Setting

Chapter 1: History and the Creation of Israel

Chapter 2: Zionism, Culture, and the Domestic Political Environment

Chapter 3: Judaism and the Role of the Jewish Religion in Israeli Politics

Chapter 4: The Military, Economic, and Bureaucratic Setting

Part II: The Governmental Institutions

Chapter 5: The Constitutional System and Parliamentary Government

Chapter 6: The Prime Minister and the Knesset

Chapter 7: Political Parties and Interest Groups

Chapter 8: The Electoral Process and Voting Behavior

Part III: Foreign Policy and the Middle Eastern Political Setting

Chapter 9: The Foreign Policy Setting

Chapter 10: The Palestinians, the West Bank and Gaza

Chapter 11: Jerusalem

Chapter 12: The Peace Process


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