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Facing Cyber Threats Head On

Protecting Yourself and Your Business
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Brian Minick
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Facing Cyber Threats Head On explains battle against hackers as a fight between people, not technologies. Brian Minick offers a new approach to defending against cyber attacks, one that balances business risk with the cost of creating defenses that can change as quickly and often as attackers can.
News breaks all the time that hackers have attacked another company. Media outlets regularly cover cyber events. The President issues executive orders, and Congress explores cyber legislation. With all these events happening, business leaders must ask: what does this mean for my business and me?

Facing Cyber Threats Head On looks at cyber security from a business leader perspective. By avoiding deep technical explanations of “how” and focusing on the “why” and “so what,” this book guides readers to a better understanding of the challenges that cyber security presents to modern business, and shows them what they can do as leaders to solve these challenges.

Facing Cyber Threats Head On explains that technology is not the answer to cyber security issues. People, not technology, are behind emerging cyber risks. Understanding this brings to light that cyber protection is not a battle of technology against technology, but people against people. Based on this, a new approach is required—one that balances business risk with the cost of creating defenses that can change as quickly and often as attackers can. Readers will find here a ready resource for understanding the why and how of cyber risks, and will be better able to defend themselves and their businesses against them in the future.
1: The World is Introduced to Cyber Security

2: The Evolution of Security and the Emergence of Cyber Security

3: How We Got Here: A Brief History of the Internet

4: Why is Cyber So Big? – The Technology Curve

5: Anatomy of an Attack

6: Businesses - Different Risks for Different Businesses

7: Priority Triangle

8: Creating Strong Defenses Against Cyber Attacks

9: Personal Security – How Big Are The Risks?

10: Personal Approach – What Individuals Can Do To Protect Themselves

11: Cyber Security is a People Problem, not a Technology Problem

12: Facing Cyber Security Head On

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