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Perspectives in Waging Conflicts Constructively

Cases, Concepts, and Practice
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Bruce W. Dayton
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This book explores how large-scale conflicts can be waged more constructively. An introduction presents key concepts in positive conflict resolution, and chapters from esteemed contributors illustrate these theories in action, with cases ranging from Israel to North Korea. The book offers diverse perspectives and concrete ideas for positive change.
Perspectives in Waging Conflicts Constructively offers diverse perspectives on how large-scale conflicts can be conducted with more positive benefits, minimizing their destructiveness. Distinguished analysts and practitioners review the core ideas of the innovative “constructive conflict approach” and examine cases where conflicts have been waged with fewer destructive consequences.

An introduction presents key concepts in constructive conflict resolution, and chapters offer cases of these theories in action. Cases feature both global and regional examples ranging from Israel to North Korea. The book also contains recommendations for policy makers, non-governmental organizations, and citizens about how stakeholders at all levels might help avoid destructive patterns that are common in large-scale conflict while working for positive change.

Contributors include Patrick G. Coy, Esra Cuhadar, Bruce W. Dayton, Martina Fischer, Galia Golan, Louis Kriesberg, Christopher Mitchell, Robert Murrett, Thania Paffenholz, Lee Smithey, and Steven Zunes.
Chapter 1
Bruce W. Dayton and Louis Kriesberg

Chapter 2
Communication, Constructiveness, and Asymmetry in Nonviolent Action Theory and Practice
Patrick G. Coy

Chapter 3
Transitional Justice and Reconciliation: Prerequisite or Burden for Constructive Conflict Transformation?
Martina Fischer

Chapter 4
Strategic Nonviolent Action: Waging Constructive Conflict against Authoritarianism
Steven Zunes

Chapter 5
Peaceful Separation: The Politics of Constructive Dissolution
Christopher Mitchell

Chapter 6
Factors for De-escalation: Israel and a Shift to Constructive Conflict
Galia Golan

Chapter 7
The State of Constructive Conflict in Northern Ireland
Lee A. Smithey

Chapter 8
What Is a Constructive Peace Process?: Inclusion in Peace Negotiations
Çerağ Esra Cuhadar and Thania Paffenholz

Chapter 9
Non-Provocative Defense in the Asia-Pacific Region
Robert Murrett

Chapter 10
Global Contexts for Waging Conflicts Constructively
Louis Kriesberg

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