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The Hebrew Republic

Israel's Return to History
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Colin Shindler
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The book relates individual episodes from the saga of Israel instead of narrating a formal, conventional history up to the present day. Each section deals with a different aspect of this journey through the decades. The subjects do not cover old ground and are intentionally revelatory as they relate the history of Israel in a vivid, engaging way.
The saga of Israel is fascinating, unique, and controversial. Yet the whole is constructed from individual episodes. This book concentrates on relating such episodes rather than narrating a formal, conventional history up until the present day. Each section deals with a different aspect of this journey through the decades. The chapters are based on the author’s own articles, published over the last fifty years in many outlets, from The New York Times and The Jerusalem Post to The Guardian. Each section and essay is linked to the next by an explanatory introduction. Most subjects are often unconventional and unusual. They do not cover old ground and are often intentionally revelatory as they relate the history of Israel in a vivid, engaging way.

  1. The Making of Modern Israel

Tel Aviv:Zerach Barnett and the Founding of the First Hebrew City

World War I and the Jewish Question

The Left and the Right: A 1933 Murder Mystery: The Killing of Haim Arlosoroff

Avraham Stern and his ‘Gang’

  1. The Nation-Builders

In the Beginning: Theodor Herzl

Chaim Weizmann and Vladimir Jabotinsky

David Gruen from Plonsk

  1. The Zionists and Pre-War Nationalism

The Germans

The Italians

The Irish

The Ukrainians

  1. The Road to Independence

World War II and Zionism

The Aftermath

The Debate over Partition

Arieh Handler: Seeing Ben-Gurion proclaim the State of Israel

How British Jews reacted to the Rise of Israel

  1. Israel in the Eyes of the History Makers

Disraeli and a mythical Zion

Churchill and the Jewish State

Stalin and Soviet Jews: 1948-1953

The Kennedys and the Promised Land

Richard Nixon and the Yom Kippur War

  1. The Slow Disintegration of Labour Zionism

Imperialism, Zionism and Arab Nationalism

Labour Dissension after 1967

Yigal Allon

Moshe Dayan

Abba Eban

  1. The Ascendency of the Right

The Persona of Menahem Begin

Begin in Poland

The Irgun and after

Abba Ahimeir and the Attraction of Fascism

The Influence of other Struggles

  1. Israel and Pariah Regimes

Turning away from the past

The Afrikaners

The Argentinians

The Chileans

  1. Evangelical Zionists

The Legacies of Christianity and Islam

The American Religious Right and the Likud

Evangelical Enthusiasm for Israel

  1. The Struggle for Soviet Jewry

The Genesis of the Jewish Problem

How the Soviet Jewry Movement Started

The Change in Israeli policy and Jewish Activism

The First Trials of Soviet Jews

The Village of Ilyinka

  1. Human Rights and the USSR

Marxist-Leninist Zionists

The Use and Abuse of Political Psychiatry in the USSR

Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov on the Jewish Question

Speaking to Sharansky

  1. The Life and Death of Yitzhak Rabin

Rabin’s Resurrection 1992

Rabin’s Election and Government

The Incitement by the Right

The Killing and its Justification

The Aftermath

  1. The Mystery of Ariel Sharon

Mr ‘Inconstituency’

Who was Ariel Sharon?

From Russia with Love

The Drift to the Right

The Twilight Years

From Mr Hyde to Dr Jekyll

  1. The Islamist Rejectionists

Hamas and Palestinian Resistance

Negotiating with Hamas: An Exchange with Uri Avneri

Gaza under Hamas Rule

Hezbollah in the North

  1. In the Company of Critics

Critical Friends

Margaret Thatcher, British Jews and Israel

Nye Bevan and Zion

  1. Different Diaspora Voices

A History of Dissent

After 1945

Jewish Apostates?

Uncivil War

A Plethora of Jewish Critics

  1. Non-Jewish Jews and Israel

Isaac Deutscher and Elisha Ben-Abuya

Ralph Miliband and Jewish Reality

Eric Hobsbawm and 1940

The Long March of the Corbynistas

  1. Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions

The Campaign and its Origins

The Anti-Normalisation Campaign

Apartheid Israel

Jewish Reaction to the Boycott

  1. Twenty First Century Politics

The Rise of the Far Right

In Government with Lieberman and Bennett

Supporting the Right

Recognising Israel as a Jewish State

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