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Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating

Psychological Strategies for Doctors and Health Care Providers
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Karen R. Koenig
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This book offers a new paradigm for doctors and health care providers treating patients with eating and weight concerns that replaces a failed, moralistic focus on weight and weight-loss with one of fostering health, well-being, self-efficacy, and effective self-care.
Helping Patients Outsmart Overeating, written by an eating disorder therapist and a physician, offers a new paradigm for doctors and health care providers who treat patients with eating and weight concerns. It describes how both parties are frustrated by weight-loss plans and programs that fail in the long term, and presents a science-based explanation for why diets fail and how they, in fact, may adversely impact patients’ mental and physical health. The authors illustrate how providers can truly help patients by using empathy, compassion, and motivational interviewing. They explain how helping patients strengthen skills related to self-awareness, emotional management, stress reduction, appetite attunement, perseverance and effective self-care can improve self-efficacy and support sustained motivation in improving health and wellness promoting behaviors. The issue of weight stigma is addressed, along with how professionals’ view of their own eating and weight affects the patient-provider relationship. This book introduces clinicians to tools from eating and success psychology, Intuitive Eating, Lifestyle Medicine, and Health and Wellness Coaching, within a weight-inclusive paradigm. It also details a collaborative model for working with ancillary disciplines to give patients and providers the comprehensive support needed for lasting success.



1: Why Doctors Are Frustrated

2: Why Patients with Eating and Weight Concerns Are Frustrated

3: How Diets Kill Motivation And Make People Fatter

4: Introducing The Dysregulated Eater

5: How Dysregulated Eaters Become “Normal” Eaters

6: Why Don’t Patients Listen To Me About Eating Better?

7: Strategies to Help Patients Achieve their Eating and Health Goals

8: Supporting Patients and Providers In Attaining and Maintaining Success

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