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Autor: Clarisse Sieckenius De Souza
ISBN-13: 9781447160632
Einband: Previously published in hardcover
Seiten: 144
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Format: 235x155x8 mm
Sprache: Englisch

A Journey Through Cultures

Metaphors for Guiding the Design of Cross-Cultural Interactive Systems
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Presents novel ways for helping HCI designers communicate why they want to promote users' contact with cultural diversity, presenting five cultural viewpoint metaphors supporting reasoning and decision-making in dimensions of intercultural experience.
Includes a simple, yet powerful set of metaphors for the conceptualization of cross-cultural design
Preface.- Introduction.- Semiotic Engineering and Culture.- Cultural Viewpoint Metaphors.- A Case Study: Re-designing the AVIS Website.- Final Discussion.- Index.
A Journey Through Cultures addresses one of the hottest topics in contemporary HCI: cultural diversity amongst users. For a number of years the HCI community has been investigating alternatives to enhance the design of cross-cultural systems. Most contributions to date have followed either a 'design for each' or a 'design for all' strategy.
A Journey Through Cultures takes a very different approach. Proponents of CVM - the Cultural Viewpoint Metaphors perspective - the authors invite HCI practitioners to think of how to expose and communicate the idea of cultural diversity. A detailed case study is included which assesses the metaphors' potential in cross-cultural design and evaluation. The results show that cultural viewpoint metaphors have strong epistemic power, leveraged by a combination of theoretic foundations coming from Anthropology, Semiotics and the authors' own work in HCI and Semiotic Engineering.

Luciana Salgado, Carla Leitão and Clarisse de Souza are members of SERG, the Semiotic Engineering Research Group at the Departamento de Informática of Rio de Janeiro's Pontifical Catholic University (PUC-Rio).

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Autor: Clarisse Sieckenius De Souza
ISBN-13 :: 9781447160632
ISBN: 1447160630
Erscheinungsjahr: 20.09.2014
Verlag: Springer London
Gewicht: 228g
Seiten: 144
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2013
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 235x155x8 mm