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Autor: Peter Wohlfelder
ISBN-13: 9781449036478
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My Missionary Adventure

A True Story
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At age sixteen Peter Wohlfelder III became an overseas missionary with the Island Missionary Society. As he sat before a board of older pastors, ministers, and missionaries, some of whom were graduates of seminaries, they were reluctant to accept him to the mission field at his young age. Dick Kay (the head missionary with the IMS for the work in the Bahamas), after working with Peter in the ministry, urged the missionary board to accept Peter as a full-time missionary. What happened next is history. This book will tell how a young teenager answered the call of the Lord on his life, how he walked into a dangerous neighborhood in the early 1970's (where the local police were afraid to go) and how lives were miraculously touched by the hand of God. Many of these young men who were gang members and drug addicts on the streets of Nassau, mightily came to the Lord, and today are pastors, ministers, and successful businessmen. One such young man who was a drug dealer in Nassau came one night to kill Peter while he was ministering on the streets, met with Peter face to face and gave his life to the Lord in an encounter that will be retold in this book. Today this man is now a leading builder and land developer in the Bahamas and several other countries, provides financing for the building of churches, and is active in a marriage ministry in his church. This book will tell how God shook the streets of Nassau through a young teenager who reached out to those in the bondage of drugs and darkness with the light of the gospel.

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Autor: Peter Wohlfelder
ISBN-13 :: 9781449036478
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Verlag: AuthorHouse
Seiten: 100
Sprache: Englisch
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