Toronto Sketches 12
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Toronto Sketches 12

“The Way We Were”
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Mike Filey
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After four straight decades as one of theToronto Sunday Sun’s most popular columnists, Mike Filey is still telling the stories of Toronto, its people, places, and history. In this twelfth volume of his acclaimed columns, “The Way We Were,” Filey tackles the Union Station controversy, Toronto’s Kennedy family, and more.
Mike Filey brings the stories of Toronto, its people and places, to life.

Mike Filey’s column “The Way We Were” first appeared in theToronto Sunday Sun not long after the paper’s first edition hit newsstands on September 16, 1973. Now, almost four decades later, Filey’s column has had an uninterrupted stretch as one of the newspaper’s most widely read features. In 1992, a number of his columns were reprinted inToronto Sketches: “The Way We Were.” Since then another eleven volumes have been published to great success, with over 5,000 copies sold.

In his latest compilation, Filey recounts the story of the controversial (though not altogether surprising) renovations at Union Station, as well as the history of Toronto’s own Kennedy family.

  • Here’s to Our Kennedys 
  • St. Clair Bridge Still Gives Us Trouble 
  • Cemetery Last Port of Call 
  • Escaping Summer by Boat 
  • They Lined Up to Cross Niagara 
  • Where Is Our Spitfire? 
  • Makin’ Tracks through History 
  • This 1910 Idea Was a Real Lifesaver 
  • Pleasant Streetcar History 
  • From Civic to Simcoe 
  • This Canuck Was a Golf God 
  • Toronto Still Yonge at Heart 
  • The Ill-Fated Ex of 1974 
  • CNE’s Back to the Future 
  • Stately Structures Indeed 
  • World’s First Movie Star 
  • Streamlining T.O.’s Streets 
  • Rollin’, Rollin’ Down the River 
  • Keewatin Comes Home 
  • Tunnel Comes in for Landing 
  • Mother Parker Turns One Hundred 
  • Belt Line Was Short-Tracked 
  • Wharf Lighthouse Turns 150 
  • The Very First Grey Cup 
  • Travels Back in Time 
  • Gardiner in a Pickle 
  • T.O.’s Evolving Skyline 
  • T.O.’s Little Piece of Venice 
  • Identified Flying Object 
  • Toronto’s Master Sleuth 
  • The Best-laid Plans … 
  • T.O. Tried its Luck Before 
  • Starter Motors 
  • T.O.’s Second Subway 
  • A Real Swinger on Bathurst 
  • Gargoyles Get a Second Life 
  • The Fileys Head South 
  • Historic and Truly Moving 
  • Jets Back on Island Radar 
  • A Hot Time in the Old Town of York 
  • Streetcar Inferno 
  • Toronto’s Changing Waterfront 
  • Floating History 
  • Postcard from the Wedge 
  • Toronto’s Early Hotels 
  • The Little Tug That Could 
  • Northern Fighters 
  • The Way We Kept Our Cool 
  • Wonderful Flying Machine 
  • Never Got Off the Ground 
  • Never Taxed for a Topic 
  • Scarborough’s Lost Dream 
  • Getting There from Here 
  • City Joined the Streetcar Biz 
  • Toronto’s Union Station, Then and Then 
  • Toronto’s Worst Disaster 
  • Can’t Beat New City Hall 
  • When Vaudeville Ruled 
  • Take the Time to Go to Jail 
  • Pachyderms from the Past 
  • Our First Remembrance 
  • First TTC Rider Paid 7¢ Fare 
  • Mi Casa Es Su Casa 
  • Streetcar’s Brush with Fame 
  • A Piece of T.O.’s Flying History 
  • When Eaton’s Was Christmas 
  • 1944 Storm Still the Worst

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