Mister Jinnah Mysteries 3-Book Bundle
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Mister Jinnah Mysteries 3-Book Bundle

Mister Jinnah: Securities / She Demons / Pizza 911
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Donald J. Hauka
A Mister Jinnah Mystery
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This triple edition of the Mister Jinnah Mysteries series presents Donald J. Hauka’sMister Jinnah: SecuritiesShe Demons, andPizza 911. Hakeem Jinnah, a politically incorrect but relentless crime reporter, finds himself embroiled in an increasingly bizarre series of police investigations.
Fast-paced, funny, and suspenseful, the Mister Jinnah series feature the larger-than-lifeVancouver Tribune crime reporter Hakeem Jinnah. Politically incorrect but relentless, Jinnah finds himself embroiled in an increasingly bizarre series of police investigations. Jinnah has to use every ounce of his investigative genius to solve a crime and make a few extra dollars on the side.


Mister Jinnah: Securities – Mister Jinnah #1
Hakeem Jinnah enjoys an ordinary life of working the Vancouver Tribune’s crime beat, flirting with women, seeking interested investors in a mail-order-bride scheme, and driving around in his sattelite-guided Love Machine. But when he and another Tribune reporter begin competing to cover the story of a shady stock promoter#8217;s death, he finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation.

She Demons – Mister Jinnah #2
How can an enterprising newspaper reporter sell his Babji dolls when there’s a beheaded street youth, a Rave Messiah battling a berserk God Squad, and a conniving new editor to deal with? Especially when hes suffering all the symptoms of dengue fever? Hakeem Jinnah, the chain-smoking, headline-chasing hypochondriac, is in a race to find a killer and help save his buddy Sergeant Graham’s career. But a bevy of She Demons bedevil him at each turn. Soon Jinnah is entangled in a cultic web that threatens his friends, his family, and his life.

Pizza 911 – Mister Jinnah #3
Mister Jinnah returns — just in time to skip town, forever!Pizza 911 puts the offbeat, chain-smoking Jinnah on the hunt for a vicious killer, and for one last big scoop before he gets out of the reporting game. From Vancouver to Tanzania, the neurotic newsman weaves between drug lords and assassins, betrayals and buried secrets.

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