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Joey’s Story

A Portrait of a School Leader
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Joseph P. Batory
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Joey's Story! is an unusual and personal book about public education. It bares the soul of an awarding-winning education leader and details the influences, the mentors and the events of fate that shaped this school administrator's passionate philosophy and
modus operandi throughout his very successful career.
The twists and turns and influences of life that helped shape the career of this award-winning school administrator form a story worth telling and sharing with anyone who works or aspires to a career in education. The book is a revealing look at the author's childhood spent growing up in a large city and the people and events that helped to shape his passionate philosophy and beliefs about public education. Joey's Story is filled with poignant messages about leadership and schooling in America. It is also a tale of passion and courage regarding public education that will provoke thought and debate among practitioners and the public at large.
1 Introduction

2 Prologue

3 Chapter 1The Bully

4 Chapter 2 It's All About Dreams

5 Chapter 3 Reflections on my Work in Camden City

6 Chapter 4 My Life in Academia

7 Chapter 5 Community Turmoil

8 Chapter 6 Back into the Fray

9 Chapter 7 Personnel Adventures

10 Chapter 8 A Stroke of Fate

11 Chapter 9 Philosophy Drives Leadership

12 Chapter 10 The Visibility Factor

13 Chapter 11 About School Boards and Food

14 Chapter 12 The Arranged Marriage

15 Chapter 13 A Visit from the FBI

16 Chapter 14 My Students

17 Chapter 15 The Slush Fund

18 Chapter 16 The Silence of the Shepherds

19 Chapter 17 The Insanity Speech

20 Chapter 18 The Private Sector and the Schools

21 Chapter 19 The Moral Vacuum

22 Chapter 20 An Author Unpublished

23 Epilogue

24 A Summary of the Messages in this Book

25 References

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