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The Metropolitan Opera on Record

A Discography of the Commercial Recordings
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Frederick P. Fellers
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This is a discography of every commercial sound recording involving the Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra, including over 900 fully annotated entries listing more than 120 complete operas. It is arranged chronologically by recording session and provides cross-referencing in indexes by composer, title, and artist.
The Metropolitan Opera on Record: A Discography of the Commercial Recordings is a comprehensive listing of all the commercial sound recordings involving the Chorus and Orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera, one of the world's leading musical organizations. Over 900 recording sessions are listed chronologically, starting in 1906 and continuing through the last digital recordings conducted by James Levine in 1998. Entries include excerpts and complete recordings from more than 120 operas in various formats, representing more than 380 artists.

The recordings are fully annotated, including the session date and location, the primary source of information, the opera title and composer, matrix number and speed of the recording, the artists performing, the recording company name and number, the format, and the release dates. In addition, Fellers provides a fascinating history of the Met recordings, from the first Leeds & Catlin recordings in the early 1900s to the digital recordings of the 1990s. Additional information on the Opera House String Orchestra and the Radio Broadcasts are included, as well as complete indexes listing the works by composer, title, and artist.

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