The Spanish Song Companion
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The Spanish Song Companion

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Richard Stokes
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The Spanish Song Companion is an introduction to the rich heritage of Spanish song, providing the texts of over 300 songs with parallel translations in accurate and readable English.
This book, the first of its kind to be published in English, introduces the reader to the rich heritage of Spanish song. Here in one volume are the texts of over 300 songs with parallel translations in accurate and readable English. The majority are love poems, which form a fascinating anthology of Spanish poetry from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. The introduction by Graham Johnson, who in recent years has done more than anyone to kindle interest in the international song repertoire, traces the history of Spanish song from its beginnings, via the period of the Catholic kings in the fifteenth century, the Golden Age of the sixteenth, through to the remarkable rebirth in the twentieth century.

All the songs and cycles frequently heard in recital are gathered here: Albeniz, Falla, Granados, Rodrigo and Obradors are generously represented, as well as Catalan composers such as Montsalvatge and Mompou. The volume is arranged chronologically by composer, and includes notes on all the major poets and composers, a discography, and names and addresses of the music publishers.The Spanish Song Companion is a much-needed volume and will be welcomed by singers, students of Spanish literature, concert-goers and record-collectors throughout the English-speaking world.
Part 1 Acknowledgements
Part 2 Translators' note
Part 3 Introduction: In Search of Spanish Song
Chapter 4 I. Monody and Polyphony
Chapter 5 II. The Beginnings of Solo Song
Chapter 6 III. Song in the Theatre: Tonadilla and Zarzuela
Chapter 7 IV. Isaac Albéniz
Chapter 8 V. Enrique Granados
Chapter 9 VI. Amadeo Vives
Chapter 10 VII. Manuel de Falla
Chapter 11 VIII. Joaquín Nin
Chapter 12 IX. Joaquín Turina
Chapter 13 X. Jesús Guridi
Chapter 14 XI. Oscar Esplá
Chapter 15 XII. Frederic Mompou
Chapter 16 XIII. Eduardo Toldrà
Chapter 17 XIV. Roberto Gerhard
Chapter 18 XV. Alberto Hemsi
Chapter 19 XVI. Fernando Obradors
Chapter 20 XVII. Federico García Lorca
Chapter 21 XVIII. Joaquín Rodrigo
Chapter 22 XIX. Xavier Montsalvatge
Part 23 Afterword: Spanish Song of the Future
Part 24 Appendix
Part 25 Notes on the poets
Part 26 Select Discography
Part 27 Index of composers
Part 28 Index of poets and translators
Part 29 Index of titles and first lines

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