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Under the Apple Tree

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Rebecca Clark Brockway
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Under The Apple Tree is a compilation of memories that spans the lifetime of the author. Born in the late 50s, this Montana baby boomer experienced a simple life that entwined hard work and moral values, a time when there was an engrained sense of responsibility that bound folks together. Centered on family, recreation never strayed far from home or the Rocky Mountains. Honesty and integrity were qualities that were the norm in her small rural community. Folks said what they meant and meant what they said; a person was only as good as his or her word. Consumerism was not practiced, televisions were black and white and doctors still did house calls. Recycling and repurposing werent new concepts, they were commonplace. Manufactured goods were made to last and technology was dawdling.
In 1969, as a result of a family dispute, her family pulled up roots and moved to the city. The transition from rural living to city dwelling was dissonant and the jump into the 21st century and adulthood wasnt perhaps the smoothest, but this author rose to the challenge, still maintaining those homegrown principles and simple views, in spite of the ebb and flow of everyday life.

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