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The Truth Behind a Lie

The Road to Commitment
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Jesse D.W. Reynolds
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Avel Knight follows the philosophy of business philosopher Jim Rohn: Unless you change how you are, you will always have what youve got. .
He wants to enjoy the finer things in life because he never had them growing up. So he works harder than his peers to graduate near the top of his class. He enrolls at King University, and hes flooded with job offers when he graduates as a marketing specialist..

When Avel buys a luxurious home overlooking the citys skyline, he thinks he has everything he could ever want. As a black man, hes had to work harder than most to achieve his goals. But something still seems to be missing..

As Avel becomes a man, he learns what is truly important in lifehis soul and his family. He must figure out how to march to success, practice what you preach, grow through conflict, and how to truly enjoy the fruits of hard work..

The Truth behind a Lie: The Road to Commitment presents an inspirational self-help guide in story formone that will help you to focus on the important things in life: your soul and your family.

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