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Retired Women—Laughing at Gravity

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Sheila Lopez
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As a psychotherapist for thirty years, Sheila Lopez spent several thousand hours talking with clients about the meaning of life, eventually learning the secret of good mental health in any chapter of life: Its all in how you look at it. In her collection of witty anecdotes, Sheila shares cheerful, inspiring advice on how retired women can have more fun in their everyday lives, find joy in simple pleasures, and realize that aging is funny! With hilarious honesty, Sheila reveals the secrets to achieving beauty and happiness as women age, through essays that provide entertaining glimpses at not only her life, but the lives of her close friends as well. From fashion secrets that include trading in polyester suits for glitter and bling to fulfilling a childhood dream of throwing a tea party for a group of girlfriends, Sheila teaches other women that it is okay to be proud of laugh lines and walk into the future with joy and gratitude.
Retired WomenLaughing at Gravity is a wonderful reference manual for any woman who wants to turn the Golden Years into the most comical times of her life.

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