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The Proximate Voices

Book V of "The Voices Saga"
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William L. Stolley
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You cant just reveal something related to the future and then say you cant tell me what it means, Han put to Master Li.Sorry, Li replied. The future is tricky stuff ... if I tell you...
I know, Han shot back. Youll upset the natural flow of time. The future doesnt exist. Its made up of probabilities! That doesnt help us. Were in the middle of a crisis!
Han is right, Michael added. You must tell us something, Master Li. Our friends lives are at stake.
Im not even suppose to be looking at the future when I walk the timeline! Li protested. I only meant to help...
Then you leave us no choice but to suffer our fate, Han said, resigned.
Chance is all we ever have when fate is concerned, Li pointed out.
Perhaps not... if you can figure things out in time... master strategist, Michael suggested.
We can only hope, Han said. I have a bad feeling, Michael... this time will be different.

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