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Where Is Your Mother?

A Simple and Suggestive Guide to Basic Etiquette and Simple Grace
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Ava Carroll-Brown
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Where IS Your Mother? offers answers to the everyday questions regarding basic etiquette and simple grace. Fun, easy, and informative, this guide will open the doors to rediscovering the importance and ease of basic etiquette and simple grace in todays world.
This is not just another book on etiquetteeach chapter is filled with sound information and great tips presented in a simple, informative, and straightforward manner. The easy strategies for more gracious living within are founded on classic eighteenth-century guidelines, re-imagined for todays considerably more complicated life, society, and lifestyles.

Many basic (and not-so-basic) etiquette questions are addressed, along with the mystery of whether or not Grandma was really telling the truth about the power of the magic words of etiquette: please, thank you, and excuse me.

The presentation of these guidelines has been simplified, eliminating the intimidation of the subject matter, but the basics are very much in line with the Old World etiquette lessonslessons that author Ava Carroll-Brown feels should not only be taught and followed but practiced regularly.

Where IS Your Mother? is a wonderful addition to any reference library and the perfect gift for anyone at any occasion.

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