Children in Family Contexts, Second Edition
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Children in Family Contexts, Second Edition

Perspectives on Treatment
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Lee Combrinck-Graham
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Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, this text and professional resource provides a practical guide to family-based therapy for childhood emotional and behavioral problems. Presented are innovative assessment and treatment strategies that take into account children's developmental needs, different family forms, health and environmental challenges, and relationships with larger systems. Reflecting 15 years of clinical advances and the changing contexts of family life, the second edition features many new chapters and new authors. New topics include gene-environment interactions, integrating family therapy with child pharmacotherapy, working with foster families, and treating disrupted attachments.
I. Child Mental Health Fundamentals in Family Context1. The Child in Family Therapy: Guidelines for Active Engagement across the Age Span, Tanya B. White and Richard Chasin2. Development in Family Contexts, Geri Fox3. Guidelines for a Family Assessment Protocol, Edith Catlin Lawrence4. Family Therapy in an Age of Biological Psychiatry: Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations, Allan M. Josephson5. The Biology of Family Culture, Douglas A. KramerII. Different Family Structures6. Two-Parent Families, or How To Love a Two-Headed Monster, Douglas A. Kramer7. Successful African American Single-Parent Families, Marion Lindblad-Goldberg8. Remarried Systems, Mary F. Whiteside9. Children in Foster Families, Kim Sumner-MayerIII. Children in Families Facing Specific Challenges10. Children with Chronic Illness and Physical Disabilities, Judith A. Libow11. Families with Children with Disrupted Attachments, Lee Combrinck-Graham and Susan B. McKenna12. Children of Parents with Mental Illness, Alan Cooklin13. The Invisible Illness: Children in Alcoholic Families, Stuart A. Copans14. Families Coping with the Death of a Parent: The Therapist's Role, Joan C. BarthIV. Families and Larger Systems15. The Family's Own System: The Symbolic Context of Health, David V. Keith16. Partners for Success: A Collaborative Project in School-Based Mental Health Practice and Training, Phebe Sessions and Verba Fanolis17. Children in Placement: A Place for Family Therapy, Ann Itzkowitz18. The Family and the Legal System: The Search for an Intelligent Integration, G. Pirooz SholevarV. Larger Issues Affecting Children in Families19. A Model for Disrupting Cycles of Violence in Families with Young Children, John Brendler20. Of Two Worlds: Working with Children in Immigrant Families, Veronica Barenstein and Ema Genijovich21. The Many Cultures of Child Protection, Begum Maitra

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