Handbook of Socialization, Second Edition
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Handbook of Socialization, Second Edition

Theory and Research
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Joan E. Grusec
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This highly regarded handbook remains the leading reference and advanced text on socialization. Foremost authorities review the breadth of current knowledge on socialization processes across the life span. Extensively revised with the latest theory and research, the second edition reflects exciting advances in genetics, biological and hormonal regulatory systems, and brain research. Contributors present cutting-edge theories and findings pertaining to family, peer, school, community, media, and other influences on individual development. Three themes guide the book: the interdependence of biology and experience, the bidirectionality of socialization processes, and the many contributing factors that interact to produce multiple socialization processes and pathways.

New to This Edition

*Revised structure reflects the diversity of socializing relationships in multiple contexts from infancy through adulthood.

*Sections on biology and culture provide a dual framework and include new chapters on cross-cultural research, genetics, chronic family stress, and neuroscience.

*Chapters on adolescence, new-employee organizational socialization, and cultivating the moral personality.


I. Historical Perspective on Socialization

1. Historical Overview of Socialization Research and Theory, Eleanor E. Maccoby

II. Socialization across the Life Span

2. Early Socialization: The Influence of Close Relationships, Deborah Laible, Ross A. Thompson, & Jill Froimson

3. Socialization in Adolescence, Judith G. Smetana, Jessica Robinson, & Wendy M. Rote

4. Socialization in Emerging Adulthood: From the Family to the Wider World, from Socialization to Self-Socialization, Jeffrey Jensen Arnett

5. The Multifaceted Nature of Late-Life Socialization: Older Adults as Agents and Targets of Socialization, Gloria Luong, Antje Rauers, & Karen L. Fingerman

III. Socialization in the Context of Different Relationships and Settings

6. Socialization as Dynamic Process: A Dialectical, Transactional Perspective, Leon Kuczynski, C. Melanie Parkin, and Robyn Pitman

7. Analyzing Socialization from a Domain-Specific Perspective, Joan E. Grusec & Maayan Davidov

8. Siblings, Judy Dunn

9. Socialization in the Context of Family Diversity, Charlotte J. Patterson, Rachel H. Farr, & Paul D. Hastings

10. Socialization and Experiences with Peers, William M. Bukowski, Melisa Castellanos, Frank Vitaro, & Mara Brendgen

11. Socialization in School Settings, Kathryn R. Wentzel

12. Media as Agents of Socialization, Sara Prot, Craig A. Anderson, Douglas A. Gentile, Wayne Warburton, Muniba Saleem, Christopher L. Groves, & Stephanie C. Brown

13. New-Employee Organizational Socialization: Adjusting to New Roles, Colleagues, and Organizations, Allison M. Ellis, Talya N. Bauer, & Berrin Erdogan

IV. Biological Aspects of Socialization

14. An Evolutionary Approach to Socialization, Daphne Blunt Bugental, Randy Corpuz, & David A. Beaulieu

15. Socialization, Genetics, and Their Interplay in Development, Reut Avinun & Ariel Knafo-Noam

16. Temperament, Parenting, and Social Development, John E. Bates & Gregory S. Pettit

17. Biological and Psychological Processes Linking Chronic Family Stress to Substance Abuse and Obesity, Rena L. Repetti, Theodore F. Robles, & Bridget M. Reynolds

18. Caregiver Socialization Factors Influencing Socioemotional Development in Infancy and Childhood: A Neuroscience Perspective, Tahl I. Frenkel & Nathan A. Fox

V. Cultural Perspectives on Socialization

19. Culture and Socialization, Xinyin Chen, Rui Fu, & Siman Zhao

20. Children Develop Cultural Repertoires through Engaging in Everyday Routines and Practices, Barbara Rogoff, Leslie C. Moore, Maricela Correa-Chávez, & Amy L. Dexter

21. Emotion Socialization from a Cultural Perspective, Pamela M. Cole & Patricia Z. Tan

22. Acculturation, John W. Berry

VI. Targets of Socialization

23. The Socialization of Gender during Childhood and Adolescence, Campbell Leaper & Timea Farkas

24. The Socialization of Cognition, Mary Gauvain & Susan M. Perez

25. The Socialization of Emotional Competence, Susanne A. Denham, Hideko H. Bassett, & Todd Wyatt

26. Families, Schools, and Developing Achievement-Related Motivations and Engagement, Sandra D. Simpkins, Jennifer A. Fredricks, & Jacquelynne S. Eccles

27. Making Good: The Socialization of Children's Prosocial Development, Paul D. Hastings, Jonas G. Miller, & Natalie R. Troxel

28. Cultivating the Moral Personality: Socialization in the Family and Beyond, Michael W. Pratt & Sam A. Hardy

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