Theory and Explanation in Social Psychology
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Theory and Explanation in Social Psychology

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Bertram Gawronski
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This volume provides the first authoritative explication of metatheoretical principles in the construction and evaluation of social-psychological theories. Leading international authorities review the conceptual foundations of the field’s most influential approaches, scrutinizing the range and limits of theories in various areas of inquiry. The chapters describe basic principles of logical inference, illustrate common fallacies in theoretical interpretations of empirical findings, and outline the unique contributions of different levels of analysis. An in-depth look at the philosophical foundations of theorizing in social psychology, the book will be of interest to any scholar or student interested in scientific explanations of social behavior.

I. Basics

1. Theory Evaluation, Bertram Gawronski & Galen V. Bodenhausen

2. Levels of Analysis in Social Psychology, Jan De Houwer & Agnes Moors

3. Causal and Meaning-Based Explanation, Yoshihisa Kashima 

II. Mental State Theories

4. Social-Cognitive Theories, Bertram Gawronski & Galen V. Bodenhausen

5. Emotion Theories, Antony S. R. Tony Manstead & Brian Parkinson

6. Motivational Theories, David Dunning 

7. Duality Models in Social Psychology, Roland Deutsch 

8. Personality Systems and Coherence of Social Behavior, Daniel Cervone, Tracy L. Caldwell, & Nicole D. Mayer 

III. Biological Theories

9. Cognitive Neuroscience of Social Behavior, Jennifer S. Beer 

10. Genetics of Social Behavior, Wendy Johnson & Lars Penke

11. Evolutionary Theories, Timothy Ketelaar 

IV. Pragmatic Theories

12. Rational Actor Theories, David Trafimow 

13. Social Functionalism, Philip E. Tetlock & Katrina Fincher

14. Socially Situated Cognition, Gün R. Semin & Margarida V. Garrido

V. Social Theories

15. Interdependence Theory and Related Theories, Harry T. Reis & Ximena B. Arriaga 

16. Cultural Psychological Theory, Kimin Eom & Heejung S. Kim

VI. Formal Theories

17. Computer Simulation, Klaus Fiedler & Florian L. Kutzner 

18. Mathematical Modeling, Karl Christoph Klauer

19. Agent-Based Modeling, Eliot R. Smith & Asaf Beasley

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