Attachment Theory and Research
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Attachment Theory and Research

New Directions and Emerging Themes
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Jeffry A. Simpson
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This volume showcases the latest theoretical and empirical work from some of the top scholars in attachment. Extending classic themes and describing important new applications, the book examines several ways in which attachment processes help explain how people think, feel, and behave in different situations and at different stages in the life cycle. Topics include the effects of early experiences on adult relationships; new developments in neuroscience and genetics; attachment orientations and parenting; connections between attachment and psychopathology, as well as health outcomes; and the relationship of attachment theory and processes to clinical interventions.

Introduction: New Directions and Emerging Themes in Attachment Theory and Research, W. Steven Rholes & Jeffry A. Simpson

1. Early Attachment Experiences and Romantic Functioning: Developmental Pathways, Emerging Issues, and Future Directions, R. Chris Fraley & Glenn I. Roisman

2. The Neuroscience of Attachment: Using New Methods to Answer Old (and New) Questions, Omri Gillath

3. Fooled Around and Fell in Love: The Role of Sex in Adult Romantic Attachment Formation, Vivian Zayas, Sarah Merrill, & Cindy Hazan

4. Stress and Attachment, Lisa M. Diamond

5. Boosting Attachment Security in Adulthood: The "Broaden-and-Build" Effects of Security-Enhancing Mental Representations and Interpersonal Contexts, Mario Mikulincer & Phillip R. Shaver

6. Attachment and Dyadic Regulation Processes, Nickola C. Overall & Edward P. Lemay, Jr.

7. On the Convergence of Sexual Urges and Emotional Bonds: The Interplay of the Sexual and Attachment Systems during Relationship Development, Gurit E. Birnbaum

8. An Attachment Theoretical Perspective on Optimal Dependence in Close Relationships, Brooke C. Feeney, Meredith Van Vleet, & Brittany K. Jakubiak

9. Adult Attachment Style and Parenting, Jason D. Jones, Jude Cassidy, & Phillip R. Shaver

10. Attachment Theory in Organizational Settings, Ramona L. Paetzold

11. Health and Attachment Processes, Paula R. Pietromonaco, Cassandra C. DeVito, Fiona Ge, & Jana Lembke

12. Attachment and Aged Care, Gery C. Karantzas & Jeffry A. Simpson

13. Psychopathology and Attachment, Tsachi Ein-Dor & Guy Doron

14. Attachment-Related Preventive Interventions, Mary Dozier & Caroline Roben

15. Attachment: A Guide to a New Era of Couple Interventions, Susan M. Johnson, Marie-France Lafontaine, & Tracy L. Dalgleish



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