The World of Maps
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The World of Maps

Map Reading and Interpretation for the 21st Century
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Judith A. Tyner
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Maps have power--they can instruct, make life easier, mislead, or even lie. This engaging text provides the tools to read, analyze, and use any kind of map and assess its strengths and weaknesses. Requiring no advanced math skills, the book presents basic concepts of symbolization, scale, coordinate systems, and projections. It gives students a deeper understanding of the types of maps they encounter every day, from turn-by-turn driving directions to the TV weather report. Readers also learn how to use multiple maps and imagery to analyze an area or region. The book includes 168 figures, among them 22 color plates; most of the figures can be downloaded as PowerPoint slides from the companion website. Appendices contain a glossary, recommended resources, a table of commonly used projections, and more.

I. Map Reading Basics

1. Introduction: The Importance of Map Reading

2. Landmarks of Mapmaking

3. Map Basics

4. The Figure of the Earth and Coordinate Systems

5. Map Projections: The Round Earth on Flat Paper

6. The Earth from Above: Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation

II. Map Types and Their Analysis

7. Virtual Maps and GPS

8. Topographic Maps

9. Thematic Maps

10. Maps for Navigation

11. Maps for Special Purposes

III. Putting It All Together

12. Map Interpretation

13. Epilogue: The Future of Maps and Map Reading

Appendix A. Glossary

Appendix B. Abbreviations

Appendix C. Useful Statistics

Appendix D. Resources

Appendix E. Commonly Used Projections


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