Understanding Priming Effects in Social Psychology
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Understanding Priming Effects in Social Psychology

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Daniel C. Molden
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How incidentally activated social representations affect subsequent thoughts and behaviors has long interested social psychologists. Recently, such priming effects have provoked debate and skepticism. Originally a special issue of
Social Cognition, this book examines the theoretical challenges researchers must overcome to further advance priming studies and considers how these challenges can be met. The volume aims to reduce the confusion surrounding current discussions by more thoroughly considering the many phenomena in social psychology that the term
encompasses, and closely examining the psychological processes that explain when and how different types of priming effects occur.

I. What is "Social Priming"?

1. Understanding priming effects in social psychology: What is “social priming” and how does it occur?, Daniel C. Molden

2. On the other side of the mirror: Priming in cognitive and social psychology, Stéphane Doyen, Oliver Klein, Daniel Simons, & Axel Cleeremans

3. Effects of evaluation: An example of robust "social" priming, Melissa J. Ferguson & Thomas C. Mann

4. Priming is not priming is not priming, Dirk Wentura & Klaus Rothermund

5. Structured vs. unstructured regulation: On procedural mindsets and the mechanisms of priming effects, Kentaro Fujita & Yaacov Trope

II. When and How Social Priming Occurs

6. Prime numbers: Anchoring and its implications for theories of behavior priming, Ben R. Newell & David R. Shanks

7. Understanding prime-to-behavior effects: Insights from the active-self account, S. Christian Wheeler, Kenneth G. DeMarree, & Richard E. Petty

8. Replicability and models of priming: What a resources computation framework can tell us about expectations of replicability, Joseph Cesario & Kai J. Jonas

9. Situated inference and the what, who, and where of priming, Chris Loersch & B. Keith Payne

10. Priming: Constraint satisfaction and interactive competition, Tobias Schröder & Paul Thagard

III. Considering New Sources of Social Primes

11. Grounding social embodiment, Daniël Lakens

12. Priming from others' observed or simulated responses, Eliot R. Smith & Diane M. Mackie

IV. From the Past of Social Priming to Its Future

13. Evaluating behavior priming research: Three observations and a recommendation, Ap Dijksterhuis, Ad van Knippeberg, & Rob W. Holland

14. The historical origins of priming as the preparation of behavioral responses: Unconscious carry-over and contextual influences of real-world importance, John A. Bargh

15. Priming . . . Shmiming: It's about knowing when and why stimulated memory representations become active, E. Tory Higgins & Baruch Eitam

16. Understanding priming effects in social psychology: An overview and integration, Daniel C. Molden

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