Psychological Assessment
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Psychological Assessment

A Problem-Solving Approach
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Julie A. Suhr
Evidence-Based Practice in Neuropsychology
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This authoritative clinical reference and text provides a complete guide to conducting empirically based assessments to support accurate diagnoses and better clinical care. The book builds crucial skills for gathering and interpreting data for specific assessment purposes. It also presents more advanced ways to integrate information from tests, interviews, observations, and other sources, within a biopsychosocial framework that fully addresses the needs of each client. Particular attention is given to accounting for potential biases that affect every stage of the decision-making process. User-friendly features include case examples, advice on writing reports and giving feedback to clients, and a detailed sample report.

1. Introduction

2. Assessment as a Decision-Making Process

3. Use of a Developmentally Informed Biopsychosocial Lens in Assessment

4. The Importance of Assessing for Noncredible Responding

5. Cultural Context in Assessment: An Empirical Approach

6. “Knowing What’s under the Hood”: Psychometric Considerations

7. Intake Interviewing and Behavioral Observations

8. Assessment Data from Other Courses

9. Self-Report Measures of Single Constructs

10. Broadband Self-Report Measures of Personality and Psychopathology

11. Intellectual and Achievement Testing

12. Neuropsychological Screening and Assessment

13. Putting the Data Together: Empirically Guided Integration of Assessment Information

14. Feedback and Report Writing

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