The Art and Science of Personality Development
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The Art and Science of Personality Development

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Dan P. McAdams
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Drawing on state-of-the-art personality and developmental research, this book presents a new and broadly integrative theory of how people come to be who they are over the life course. Preeminent researcher Dan P. McAdams traces the development of three distinct layers of personality--the social actor who expresses emotional and behavioral traits, the motivated agent who pursues goals and values, and the autobiographical author who constructs a personal story. Highly readable and accessible to scholars and students at all levels, the book uses rich portraits of the lives of famous people to illustrate theoretical concepts and empirical findings.

See also the
Handbook of Personality Development, edited by Dan P. McAdams, Rebecca L. Shiner, and Jennifer L. Tackett.


I. Becoming an Actor

1. In the Beginning

2. The Actor Takes the Stage: How We Perform Emotion

3. The Problem of Self-Regulation

4. The Actor Grows Up: How Traits Develop into Adulthood

II. Becoming an Agent

5. The Age 5–7 Shift

6. The Motivational Agenda: What Agents Want

7. How Values Shape Agency: Morality, Religion, and Politics

III. Becoming an Author

8. The Stories We Live By

9. Generative Lives, Redemptive Life Stories

10. The Sense of an Ending


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