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Heartfelt Emotions

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Wascar Sisa Luciano
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HEARTFELT EMOTIONS is a work of art which reassures and serves as an ultimate comfort for those who given up the importance of what is sentimental and passionate in a world whose apathetic and calculated passions have concealed everything. This book comes to remind us that there exists a beautiful passion, defiled and sublime which is the passion of love.

All of these poems, which are a concatenation of heartfelt emotions, emotions that we have felt at one time or still feel, that identifies us with relevancy, a story, an ardent declaration of love that molds in each one of these poems, extending itself to us as an expression of our most intimate and sincere being; it is a wonderful expression, beautiful, adequate and very sincere, that is why I value this work of great feeling and unique sensitive passion.

I congratulate the author of this book Wascar Sisa for his dedication to these lovely words, to whom I am honored to know for many years. I have always admired his concerns, as do those who also know him. He is a pleasant person that always delights us with his talent, whether it be writing, singing, or telling jokes, always looking for a way to give us something this is already a part of us, making us see the beauty there is in living.

Jaime Vargas

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