The Curse of the Golden Gato
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The Curse of the Golden Gato

The Schmooney Trilogies
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Bob Shumaker
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What had she just told me? My gift could develop into something very powerfulthat I should be careful who I share this withwith the gift comes responsibility. What did all this mean?
In Book One of the Schmooney Trilogies, The Secret of the Enchanted Forest, Austin Cook discovered that his special gift was the ability to communicate with animals. In Book Two, The Spirit of the Turquoise Necklace, he needed to decipher the mysterious message of a beautiful Indian princess in order to save an entire town from toxic pollution. Now, Austin and his sister Katie have returned to Mountview for the summer to work at the Nature Center. But when Austins special friend Sarah, a Schmooney,gets sick, they must help her find the cure in the mountains of North Carolina. What they dont know is that their paths will cross with the very dangerous Calvin and Woodrow Garner, two brothers searching for gold in the very same mountains, seeking the answer to The Legend of the Golden Gato.

Come along on the adventure of a lifetime in the third book of The Schmooney Trilogies. Austin, Katie, Uncle Steve and Amy are in a race against time to not only save Sarah, but to outwit the menacing Garner brothers while threatened with avalanches and deadly mountain lions! Will they be able to save Sarah in time? Will they escape the clutches of the Garner brothers? And will they find out the truth of The Curse of the Golden Gato?The adventure continues

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